3 Reasons Why You Want to Feel Your Emotions

It's not always safer to avoid your emotional pain—here's why

Do you ever feel like it’s not safe to express your true feelings, let alone feel them?

It’s common to avoid certain feelings because they are challenging and painful. Emotions such as anger, frustration, or sadness are considered “negative” feelings, so many people repress or push them away so they don’t feel emotional.

But when you prevent yourself from feeling those negative emotions, you prevent all powerful emotions—even the positive ones, such as joy and gratitude. You want to feel ALL of your feelings. There is so much healing that comes from it!

When you repress negative emotions, they don’t go away. The only way out of these feelings is to go through them.

Here are 3 reasons why you want to feel your challenging feelings:

1. Repressed emotions make you sick.

Emotion is energy in motion. When you prevent an emotion from moving through you, it can’t complete its cycle, so it becomes stuck in your body, creating a blockage. This can cause dis-ease, whether it manifests as an acute or chronic health problem.

Repressed emotions can also age you physically and wear you down emotionally. It can cause depression or other mental health challenges. What is your body trying to tell you when it feels heavy and weighed down?

2. Feeling is healing.

When you allow yourself to experience a challenging emotion, you acknowledge the part of you that is hurting. Your inner child may never have been given the chance to express their feelings—now you’ve carried that into your adulthood. It affects your life and your relationships.

Many times, all you truly wanted was to be heard and understood. Give yourself that validation you’re worthy of, and allow yourself to feel whatever you need to feel. You will feel more free, healthy, and alive when you do!

3. You won’t get triggered as easily.

As you learn to create a safe environment to feel your feelings, you’ll trust yourself more easily. You’ll be more in touch with your emotions, which will allow you to react in a more authentic way.

You’ll feel calmer as you respond to a variety of situations. And you won’t sit in pain for hours about an issue that used to drive you crazy in the past! You’ll feel steadier as you hold your own.

What if you can’t “access” your feelings?

A question I commonly hear from my clients is, “I’m trying to feel my feelings, but nothing’s coming.” It’s as if they’re scared to open Pandora’s box if they allow themselves to feel painful emotions.

I created a visualization in the Carol Tuttle Healing Center to help you get started. It’s called the Visualization to Thaw Out Frozen Emotions.

In this session, I help you identify the real reason behind your frozen emotions. As you go through the guided visualization, you will feel safe and confident to express your emotions again.

Listen to what my client Maggie said when she did this visualization:

“Wow, I didn’t even know I had all these buried emotions. When it came time to write down the feelings, I was surprised by what came out of my pen. I realize I had a lot more buried than I thought!”

As a Healing Center member, you have access to the Visualization to Thaw Out Frozen Emotions right now. Head over and give yourself a few minutes to thaw out any of your own frozen emotions.

I’m excited for you as you open yourself to all the beautiful feelings you are ready to feel.

In the Carol Tuttle Healing Center, I’ve created additional single sessions and courses to help you heal anything keeping you in a place of lack, pain, and struggle.

You get access to all of them when you’re a member of the Healing Center. If you haven’t joined us yet, you can get your first two weeks free!

Start your (FREE) complimentary two weeks here!

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