How to Beat the Housing Market and Still Buy a Home You Love

Afraid you'll never be able to find a home in this economy? Here's why I say you will.

Are you experiencing challenges in the search for a new home?

In the last couple of years, the economy shifted. And homebuyers are running into frustrating obstacles because of it. We often hear stories about low inventory, asking prices starting off much higher than before, and getting outbid—again and again.

It’s one thing if you’re selling your home. The market is naturally swinging in your direction right now! But it can be very discouraging if you’re trying to purchase one.

But wait—don’t get caught up in the current story. I’m going to share with you 3 steps to help you remove yourself from the collective energy so you can attract and manifest the home of your dreams.

How to Navigate the Housing Market in 2021

Each month, I have a Live Coaching Call for all the members of The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. And we just had our June call a few days ago!

In this call, I answered questions from several members of the Healing Center regarding their challenges with money, income, savings, jobs, and houses.

One question, in particular, stood out to me:

“How do I stay positive during the big increase in housing prices? We consistently increase our flow and accumulation, but it is majorly outpaced by the housing market. How can I convince myself that finding and purchasing the home I want is even possible?”

Consider the possibility that you’re looking at the collective story and basing your beliefs on that story—instead of what you want.

The collective story is one of scarcity and fear. It’s telling you that only when the market decreases, then you’ll be able to buy a home. If you take on that story as your own, your beliefs will follow and they will influence what happens.

It may feel like the odds are stacked against you, but this doesn’t have to be your experience.

3 Ways to Manifest the Home of Your Dreams

1. Make a Decision

The first step is to consciously and intentionally make a decision to step out of the collective energy. Decide for yourself that you will create your own experience, and manifest your own home, on your terms.

Declaring this to God and the Universe is setting the energy into motion for you to become an active co-creator. You’re no longer at the mercy of whatever the world is saying. You’re stepping out of a victim mindset where everything happens to you, and now you’re stepping into the creation mindset where everything happens for you.

2. Energy Sketch

If you’re new to energy healing work, you may be surprised to hear that Energy Sketching can be so powerful. But it works!

I personally use it in my own life. I have a “Law of Attraction Planner” where I sketch out everything I want to manifest.

3. Visualize with Gratitude

This is important because it will be a daily reminder to step out of the collective story. It will keep you in a higher vibration of gratitude instead of buzzing in a lower vibration of fear.

Raising your vibration will help you come into alignment with what’s correct and meant for you.

Success Story! It IS possible.

Amazing things happen when you use these techniques!

One of the Healing Center members, Michelle, shared this incredible manifestation story last year. She was able to purchase her dream home in Hawaii, during the pandemic!

“We closed on a home today. Dream home in the perfect location. In 2017 I heard a live video Carol created talking about her homeownership in Hawaii and announced her 30-Day Money Cure. In Jan 2020 I started making big goals. Then the pandemic hit. As the end of 2020 grew near, I thought about that goal of homeownership during the year 2020 and before letting myself laugh off the thought, I allowed myself to be open to that possibility. I would wake up and tell myself that I knew the right home wanted ME. And that the right people would show up to make it happen.

“I’d hear it from my friends “It is near IMPOSSIBLE to own a home in Hawaii. There are SO many problems with the lenders! It isn’t meant to be easy. Everything about it is hard, and even after you move the home will be a disaster.”

“So I kept sketching what felt right. Focusing on what was coming to me, and wouldn’t you know what showed up?! The perfect agent with the best seller in a new home in our favorite neighborhood with an easy lender and a 2.5% APR. I couldn’t have even imagined how easy this was if I tried. Keep showing up! Keep doing those plans! Keep incorporating those daily tools that keep your energy high. You will be just as amazed as I am now. It will be far more amazing than you ever imagined.”

Michelle’s story is incredible, and we’ve all been so excited to hear her updates since they moved in. Her story is remarkable because she decided what she wanted, and the story showed up to support her. Her own beliefs influenced her own reality. She didn’t allow the “reality” of the outside world to determine the outcome.

Use these techniques for any manifestation you want to call in!

This was just one of the powerful insights we covered on the live coaching call. Want to see even more? Watch the replay here.

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