Why You Don’t Know How to Show Your Emotions in a Healthy Way

Closed off? Overly emotional? Here's why.

Do you ever feel conflicted between not wanting to show your feelings, and then suddenly getting triggered into expressing them? You don’t want to be overly emotional, but stuffing your feelings down ends up creating that experience anyway! Whether these triggers come from your family, co-workers, or children, there’s a reason you struggle with emotions—and it’s fixable.

You didn’t come into this world feeling bad about your emotional expressions.

Consider the possibility you were taught to feel bad about them in your childhood.

Despite our caretakers doing the best they knew how, many of us were taught from a young age that feelings were unacceptable.

How many of these shaming references about feelings did you hear while growing up?

  • “I’ll give you something to cry about.”
  • “I’m going to leave you here if you don’t stop whining and fussing.”
  • “Stop being such a drama queen.”
  • “Big kids don’t cry.”
  • “Boys don’t cry.”
  • “You’re just crying to manipulate me.”
  • “Out there in the real world, people don’t cry when they get upset. You’ll never make it out there.”

But the truth is, emotions aren’t bad! We are emotional beings. Our emotions are natural and healthy when expressed appropriately. But when we have never been supported in showing our emotions – especially the difficult ones – they’re stored up inside of us, ready to burst.

If you’re a parent yourself, you can attest to the flood of emotions you feel when your child is having an upset. It triggers your own buried emotions, and you attempt to shut your child down to lessen the discomfort.

So you see the pattern: because our parents were never allowed to express their emotions as children, they pass that wounding down to us.

The emotional wounding can stop with you.

In the Carol Tuttle Healing Center, I created a powerful clearing to help you heal and connect with your emotional energy again.

It’s called the Clearing Session for Emotional Shaming in Childhood.

Who is this clearing good for?


It’s nearly impossible to escape any and all emotional shaming during our formative years. Even if you had incredible parents and an ideal childhood, I encourage you to go through this clearing. It will support you in feeling all of your feelings, become a better parent (or grandparent), and grow into the healthiest version of yourself.

When is the best time to use this clearing?

Any time you feel triggered, suppressed, or regretful about your emotional expression.

This would also be great right after holidays or vacations. When you add extra time with family into the stress of the season, old wounds can surface.

Another sign you need this clearing is if you find yourself apologizing for any emotions. Many people tend to apologize for crying, as if crying is a sign of weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth! You only feel like it’s a weakness because you were told your whole childhood that it was stronger to not show any tears or to brush it off quickly.

Listen to Natalie’s experience with this clearing:

“I did the Clearing Session for Emotional Shaming in Childhood and then journaled. Ah-ha! I’ve been triggered by my in-laws because I really wanted them to be the loving and supportive family that my own family wasn’t! I realized I’ve been walking on eggshells with my son, totally re-creating that experience from my childhood with my dad. The irritation I felt for my in-laws is completely gone. The anxiety I felt about having ‘ruined’ my children has dissolved. I finally feel like little me has let go of the responsibility of managing mom’s and dad’s energy and emotions. She finally feels free. 🙂 Hooray for healing!” -Natalie

If you’re already a Carol Tuttle Energy Healing Center member, you can go do this clearing right now. It’s only 7 minutes long.

Not a member yet? Join today for free to access this clearing—and plenty of others. Start your healing journey today.

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How has the clearing for emotional shaming helped you heal? Leave a comment below to share your story.

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