How To Get Focused & Get Things Done

3 simple energy techniques for motivation

Have you ever had that feeling when you wanted to get up and get moving, but you just didn’t have the motivation required? I know I have.

Or maybe you’ve got someone around you that’s lacking the energy necessary to move forward in their day. Perhaps it’s a child who won’t do their homework, is constantly making excuses, and always seems to distract themselves from what’s important.

Sometimes it’s just hard to get things done. You feel like you’re moving through life in mud and slush, unable to make forward progress easily.

Let’s change that!

Here are three simple energy healing techniques to shift your energy (and anybody else’s). These techniques sharpen your brain and feed you with energy that puts you into motion. They get you motivated!

Get Your Meridians Flowing With “Duck Lips”

Meridians are the energy pathways of your body. Your brain and physical body require your meridians to be open and flowing. But that’s not always happening.

I’m sure you’re familiar with acupuncturists. They’re trained to work on different points on your meridian lines. These are the energy lines that influence various functions of our body. If your meridians are not flowing, the easiest solution is to activate the central and governing meridian.

The central meridian starts at your pubic bone and runs up through your navel to the bottom of your lip. The governing meridian starts at your tailbone and goes over the crown of your head to the top of your lip. The points that activate both your central and governing meridians are on your lips.

You can activate these meridians by taking two fingers and rubbing the area both above and below your lips. Watch the video for details and make sure you are taking deep breaths while performing this exercise.

When your central and governing meridians are activated, it helps all other meridians to get running.

Get Your Brain Focused With “Figure 8s”

Maybe you’re a “left-brain person” with a creative task in front of them. You’ll need to draw on the right side of your brain to bring that creative energy into your system.

Or perhaps you’re a “right-brain person” and you’re sitting down to look at your family’s finances. Bringing in the energy from the left side of your brain will make it much easier to get through the project.

Your brain hemispheres can support each other, but we’ve got to get them communicating with each other. An easy way of doing that is my “Figure 8s” exercise.

All you need to do is take a pen and paper and draw figure 8s over and over while following the path with your eyes. This bounces the energy between the right and left sides of the brain and connects both brain hemispheres.

This is a really easy way to get focused.

Open Your Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is on top of your head. In the chakra system, the energy of the crown chakra is like a warm embrace around the top of your head that flows deeply within you and reaches out to the universe.

Opening up your crown chakra connects you to heaven and gets more focus on both the brain and the upper region of your energy. It connects you with your higher self.

The easiest way of opening your crown chakra is by placing your fingertips on the middle of your forehead and moving them in a motion as if you were opening your skull. There’s no need to press down hard. Start at your forehead and move up over your crown until you finish with your hands hanging off the back of your neck. Remember to take deep breaths.

Don’t Be Overwhelmed

When you want to get focused and start getting things done, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by how much there is to do. You might not be sure where to start.

Use the energy healing techniques above and write down what comes to mind. Then, ask yourself “What’s the next correct thing for me to do?” With your energy open and flowing, you’ll have a strong sense of what to focus on in front of you.

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