How to Get These Energy Centers Working for Your Type 2 Energy

Every one of us is a beautiful expression of energy in our own way. But these primary energies within us can be broken down into four groups of personalities. Each Energy Type approaches the world in a different way and each of these energies carries different strengths and weaknesses.

Understanding your own energy will help you live up to your full potential. I want you to succeed in life by using the strengths of your Energy Type. This post is dedicated to Type 2.

What is Personality Energy Type 2?

If you are Type 2, then you are soft and subtle in how you approach the world around you. You are probably a bit of a wallflower in groups, but you notice everything around you. You are sensitive to those around you and have a hard time seeing others get made fun of or made to feel uncomfortable. If you are Type 2, you probably:

  • Are a listening ear to those around you
  • Have a go-with-the-flow and relaxed approach to most things
  • Take time before you speak
  • Are perceptive of people’s needs and flaws
  • Have a realistic perspective of the good and bad around you
  • Make others feel comfortable around you
  • Tend to be organized and clean, even minimalistic in your approach to things
  • Focus on the heart chakra (upper chakra dominant)

You tend to be altruistic—putting the needs of others above your own. This can make you overextend yourself, and you get hurt when you feel people are taking advantage of you. You approach life in an introspective and observant fashion, noticing details and patterns others miss. You are fluid and even-keel in most cases.

If this is your Energy Type, then it is important to keep reading and see how I can help you tap into this energy even more! I want to help you get these energy centers working for you so you can let that beautiful flow impact more people around you.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Type 2

Every personality type has pros and cons. Understanding both the strengths and weaknesses of your Energy Type will help empower you and avoid common pitfalls for your Energy Type. I want you to be the strongest version of yourself, so your calm and generous nature support others without causing you hurt.

The strengths of a Type 2 Energy are:

You offer a calming place of refuge for those around you. Those who trust you find you their place of protection and comfort. Those who just meet you, find you are a listening ear and easy to be around.

You are the glue. Since you aren’t the pusher or the doer, you are easy to get along with. Your go-with-the-flow approach helps reduce conflict and makes you a supportive member of the group. Without people like you, we would have too many cooks in the kitchen, with everyone trying to go their own way!

You are empowering. You are calming, giving and provide the listing ear to others. People feel empowered when they are around you

You see reality. You see the glass as half empty and half full. Because you tend to listen first and speak last, you see the good and the bad around you for what it is in most cases. And with this deeper understanding of reality, you are less likely to hold onto things and tend to keep what you have organized and orderly.

You are a flowing energy. You provide the gentle and consistent approach that is great for teachers, animal caregivers, pediatric care, nonprofit work and other introspective pursuits.

Your strength is the Heart. You are generous—giving and receiving with ease. Your nature is sensitive and caring. You help others, even if it isn’t in your best interests. We NEED people like you who provide good in the world with no ulterior motives or agenda!

But going with the flow isn’t always a joy ride. There are some common pitfalls that Type 2 Energy personalities face:

You can be overwhelmed when people expect too much of you. People lean on you heavily and sometimes it can overburden you. When your heart chakra is tapped, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and unable to function in your natural strength.

You can get drained extending more energy than you draw in. Your focus tends to be on others, which can mean neglecting self-care and empowering yourself. You don’t take time to rejuvenate yourself.

Weakest chakra is the Power chakra. Feeling used or walked on can lead to feeling powerless. You feel uncomfortable speaking from a place of power, so you sometimes avoid that chakra altogether.

You may shut down to protect yourself. When you feel hurt or put on the spot, you tend to withdraw. You put up a wall to keep others out in an effort to protect yourself.

How to Empower Your Type 2 Energy

I don’t want you to feel that way—you have such a great energy to share with the world! I am so grateful for the power of the caring hearts in our Type 2 humans! But I want you to feel powerful and in control as you send your energy out into the world. Activating your chakras is how you will find balance.

You need to feed your heart chakra by activating your power chakra. I know you feel uncomfortable acting from a place of power, but that is because you are attempting to use that chakra source backwards for your Energy Type. You should use the third chakra to draw in the energy, rather than trying to push out the energy.

For some Energy Types, the power chakra is more of an outward action. For Type 2, the heart is the outward action and the power chakra is used to feed that heart chakra. You don’t need to be overly sensitive or look outside yourself for support, you will gain inner confidence through your power chakra and what it draws from the universe. You can empower your heart through the 3rd chakra.

Whenever you are feeling depleted or unsure, turn to this breathing exercise:

  • Breath in, envisioning the power pulled in through your 3rd chakra (your solar plexus)
  • Breath out, feeling the power flow through your heart center
  • Create a closed-loop, drawing power through your 3rd chakra and pushing it back into the universe through your heart center

Pull the energy you need from the world around you by activating your power chakra. This will give you the freedom to extend more power to others through your powerful heart chakra.

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