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How To Stop Sugar Cravings Naturally In 3 Steps

Notice what's causing your sugar cravings & stop it for good

You’ve been trying to kick the sugar cravings for a long time, but you’re still reaching for sweets out of habit. Does it feel impossible to stop? I’m going to show you how to satisfy your palate without turning to sugar again. With these 3 steps, you’ll have the power to stop what’s sabotaging you and make healthier choices.

Watch the video below to end your sugar cravings for good. Share in a comment below how these techniques have helped you! I’d love to hear your stories.

Video Transcript

If you give in to sugar cravings, you’re going to want to learn this easy trick to stop them in their course. Have you ever had a sugar craving? The first step in this process of identifying sugar cravings and to stop them is to see a pattern.

When do you have sugar cravings?

It’s very common, and I know this was a pattern for me, that it would be after I ate just a healthy, balanced meal, I’d want a treat after. I’d want something that had more sugar, the sweetness factor in it. And you know, that might be in the form of a dessert or a cookie, or…I’m not a real candy person, but I definitely recall when I had that pattern playing out, it would come after a meal that I’d want something sweet.

It might come when you’re needing energy. Notice that that’s when sugar cravings hit you, because your pattern is to give yourself a simple carb that burns fast, boosts your blood sugar really fast, and your body’s pattern til craving that, so now to get that hit. The downer side of that is you tank, your blood sugar escalates very quick and then catapults down. It’s very unhealthy for your brain.

Another time you might have sugar cravings is when you’re trying to soothe yourself where you feel like you’ve earned something. “I’ve worked hard,” food used as a reward. It’s kind of funny because in my parenting work at the Child Whisperer space that I help parents, it’s very, very common to incentivize children with food. Now, we learn at a very early age that food is a system of reward. You may still be doing that with sweets. And so, sugar becomes a form of rewarding yourself; that’s another pattern. These are all patterns that become just habits. Repeated patterns develop habits.

So first step in stopping those sugar cravings is notice your pattern went down. Because the more awareness you have of how it plays out, the more you have a choice in that moment to go “Oh, there’s that pattern.”

Now, before I get to my second step, it’s a three…in this process of going from awareness, now, to action, I’m going to teach you a three-step process. But some of you might be sitting there watching me that are part of my “Dressing Your Truth” world going “That’s a really bold color orange, Carol.” Like, you may even have to put your sunglasses on; this thing is like “Bam.”

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3 Steps To Curb Your Sugar Cravings

Now, this is something you need to do when the craving hits. These three steps occur when the craving hits you.

Step 1:  Activate Your Energy System

The first one is we want to activate your energy system to boost your energy, okay? We’re going to boost your energy to create a new response to that sugar craving. So this is called the “three thumps.” We’re going to thump on…tap on your K 27 points, which is a key meridian point.

All your meridians pass through these two points that are right around your collarbone. Then your sternum, another master point in the tapping system. And then under your arms, you’re going to tap on the points here, okay?

So when you feel the sugar craving, really influencing your choice right then. It’s strong, it’s at a body level that you’re feeling this and you want to shift it. So you’re going to just tap by gently tapping on these points starting with these K 27 points. Take a deep breath in. Tap on the point here right between your breast. And drop down into your armpit and tap there, take a deep breath. There you go, you see it better. All right. Swish, shift in my energy.

Step 2: Make Sure You Are Hydrated

Now, we’re going to second step in this, grab a drink of water. Satisfy your palate with water. Put something on your taste buds, okay? Cleanse them. Fill your body with some hydration. Okay, so that takes care of sort of this intake, wanting to give yourself something. You gave yourself something really healthy: water.

Third step. You may not notice this, but I have recently launched an essential oils line of healing blends. I have ten powerful blends that are all crafted to support your healing. This is the “I am fit” oil blend. It’s part of the Carol Tuttle Healing Oils line. I’ve recently announced that I have these as a support to your healing experience. So what are you going to do with the “I am fit”? Well, there’s several beautiful plant-based oils in this; they’re all organic, you can read about all the high quality of them on the website. Go to But the three top oils in this are cumin, pink grapefruit, and fennel.

Now, what you’re going to do is just put a dab of this on your finger and swipe your tongue. That creates an aromatic sensation. It has a bite to it. It has a little bit of a pungent quality to it, an “Mmm.” And it interrupts the craving effect. It causes a shift, so that your body now is getting a response to repattern this. Because you’ve been operating in a pattern. That first step is “Notice the pattern.”

Step 3: Interrupt The Pattern With A Healthier Choice

So now as you’re in the pattern, we’re going to interrupt it, and we’re going to create a different choice. Because the choice has been to follow through on eating sugary foods to support…satisfy the craving. We’re interrupting it, and we’re creating a new pattern with “I’m done. I’m fulfilled. I am complete.” What that was about was not needing to eat something sugary, and I’m taking care of it in a different, healthy way. So it’ll stop the cravings, eventually.

This is really potent and powerful, and because of the aromatic effects and the actual effect on your palate when you create a different…rather than putting sugar on your taste buds, you’re putting these essential oils, and it’s safe to do that with these particular essential oils because they can be…they’re edible, in a sense, because they’re plant-based, that you can use them to create this effect. So check it out at You’ll see a link…in the menu bar, you’ll see a place to click and to learn more about my oil line.

Stop your sugar cravings. You have the power to create new patterns by noticing the patterns that are sabotaging you, and using these healing techniques to engage the power of your mind, your emotions, and your body to create a different response.

I’m Carol Tuttle, bestselling author of six books. I’ve created an online healing center called If you go to, I’ve got a stuck quiz for you there. Take the quiz, see which areas of your life you’re stuck in, and I’m going to offer you a free master class that will help you get unstuck to start moving forward.

I have over 100 resources to support every issue that is presenting itself in your life. I’ve got something there for you that will help you clear it, heal it, and create something new. Thanks for watching, thanks for subscribing to my channel here, and for liking this video. If you have a question for me, leave it in a comment. Thanks, everyone.

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