How To Lose Weight Using The Law Of Attraction

Have unwanted weight hanging around? Here's what it really means.

Weight and body issues can make you feel so powerless and self-conscious. If you struggle to lose weight, you feel completely out of control and unhappy with yourself. Weight loss is the top New Year’s Eve resolution every year in America because it is SUCH a common issue! People want to feel better but don’t know where to start.

For most, losing weight would help them boost their self-esteem, improve their daily stamina and improve their overall health. Some feel like weight loss would make it easier to shop for clothing and enjoy how the clothing fits. Others feel like their weight holds them back from doing certain activities because of their self-consciousness or being too out of shape.

Most people who want to lose weight feel like they’ve tried everything. You’ve probably jumped into some diets, tried a magic weight-loss shake, taken a weight loss pill or hit the gym hardcore. The problem is that you couldn’t get all the weight off and what you did manage to get off popped right back on as soon as you let up the tiniest bit. Now, you are wondering if you are always destined to be this size.

The reality is: it requires changing your mindset.

Something as simple as a complete mindset shift can help you change your relationship towards food, your body and your health for the long term. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

I have first-hand experience with how to manifest weight loss and find true happiness in life using the Law of Attraction. I want you to have the same weight loss success. This blog will cover five Law of Attraction weight loss techniques to help you lose unwanted weight and achieve your dream body.

Come see what makes weight loss hard for you.

My Journey to Self-Love

If you’ve browsed my blogs, read my books or watched my YouTube videos, then you probably already know what a rocky history I’ve had with self-loathing and self-consciousness. There were so many times in my life where I hit serious lows because of unhealthy things I believed about myself.

At age 15, I started to struggle with my body image. Because of my emotional baggage and self-confidence issues, I started binge eating. This means I would eat way too much food for my body during short periods of time. It is a disorder that can be life-threatening because it throws off your calorie balance so badly in your body.

My shame and discomfort led to missing out on a lot of activities during that time-especially as a cheerleader; I felt this was a blow to who I was. The shame only led to a deeper low, creating a cycle that felt impossible to get out of.

Sometimes, this struggle leads people to take up anorexia (self-starvation) or bulimia (purging food from the body by self-induced vomiting). I’m grateful it didn’t take on this form for me, but binge eating was a huge source of discomfort and shame for me. I felt like I wasn’t valuable. It all stemmed from hurt in my childhood that made me push down negative feelings and fears.

It really did take a long time to realize that the Law of Attraction could help me deal with this. In the past few years, I finally employed these strategies I will teach below. This change in mindset gave me a much better perspective about myself, improved my weight and helped me form a strong connection to my body.

5 Steps to Using the Law of Attraction to Lose Weight

If you are ready to make a change, then it’s time to start doing something different. What you’ve been doing doesn’t work. So, as crazy and simple as this process might seem, it’s totally worth you trying out. Throw yourself into this process and you will start to feel so much better about yourself.

1. Change Your Mentality

First and foremost, you need to change your perspective. Weight loss and body health start in your mind—it isn’t controlled by what you put in your mouth or do in the gym. People use manifestation goals all the time to find love, attract money and grow professionally, but the Law of Attraction is not limited to just one part of your life.

You can use the Law of Attraction to bring healthy weight and self-confidence into your life. I did! And now, I’m helping hundreds of people do the same thing in my Carol Tuttle Healing Center.

You won’t lose weight overnight. It’s so important to stress that you need to be in this for the long haul. Setting your mind now will really help you avoid unreasonable expectations. The Law of Attraction is going to speed up the process but, ultimately, this is a lifestyle change.

You need to align your thoughts by deciding who you are and who you will be. No more waffling between who you want to be and who you think you are. You will become the person you believe yourself to be.

  • Believe that weight loss comes easily and naturally to you.
  • Believe that you are a slim and healthy person who loves life.
  • Set a mentality that aligns with people with healthy self-love.

You need to start focusing your thoughts on who you want to be in order to manifest that reality.

2. Set a Healthy Weight Loss Goal

You need to make sure your ideal weight is a healthy one. You should not use the Law of Attraction to bring yourself to an unhealthy place. This Law is powerful and misusing it could mean swinging to the other side of the field where you develop an eating disorder because of the body image misconceptions you put into place with your weight loss manifestation.

To determine your goal weight, you can enroll in the Carol Tuttle Healing Center and I will help you find out. So many of my clients are pretty shocked when they find out their goal numbers. A healthy body isn’t determined by the scale, but often we have a much lower goal number in mind than what we should be truly aiming for.

We don’t want the scale to take over your focus here, so it really helps to set a goal number and get this part out of the way. A scale is only a tool that helps you measure success-it shouldn’t feel scary or have any power over you!

3. Use Positive Daily Affirmations

Every day, you should use powerful affirmations to combat negative self-talk. Stop hating your body and despising your willpower! The best place to start is with a powerful affirmation each morning:

“I am grateful my appetite and physical environment are aligned with me maintaining my healthy weight.”

Soak in that for just a few minutes before you move on with the bustle of your day. Allow those thoughts to settle in your mind like rocks at the bottom of the river-this is your new perspective.

You are no longer facing insurmountable challenges or doubting your abilities to do this. You are no longer going to drag yourself down by thinking about the hurdles and past failures. You are only looking forward.

The Law of Attraction says that verbalizing this new focus is a huge step in making it a reality. When you see yourself as successful, you act like a successful person. When you believe you will lose weight, you will make better choices that align with that belief.

Rather than punish yourself with “healthy” food choices, you will notice you start to choose the foods that actually make you feel good and powerful. You can change your perspective to see the nutritious foods as the ones that are true treats because of how great they make you feel. You will start to find yourself wanting to be more active and push your body because you like the feeling of being powerful.

4. Remove Negativity from Your Life

I know I just talked about goal weights, but now I’m going to tell you: stop getting on the scale. A goal weight is not the same thing as obsessing daily (or even weekly!) about a number on a tool.

You need to remove negative emotions and barriers from your life. Too many things around you are causing triggers that lead back to the self-loathing and self-doubt cycle. Positive thinking is key to success and positive affirmations can be used to drive away the negativity.

Part of this will mean shifting your focus to the “Be, Do, Have” Principle. We typically believe that “Have, Do, Be” is the right order-I have XYZ, so I do this and I am that. For example, “I have financial affluence, so I spend my money wisely and I am a generous person with a comfortable life.” But, that is totally backward thinking! It only creates the negative thought or limiting belief that what you have is the catalyst to what you do and who you are. It should be: “I am a generous person with a comfortable life, and I spend my money wisely, so I have financial affluence.”

Do you see how I just flipped that on its head?

You are not dependent on your circumstances-you create your circumstances!

When it comes to manifesting weight loss, the “Be, Do, Have” Principle means that you truly believe you ARE ALREADY set up for success: “I am a fit and healthy person, so I make empowering choices every day and I feel great because I hit my goal weight.

This is also the point where you should remove toxic relationships from your life that feed into your negativity or provoke self-doubt. Ideally, you will set up boundaries to keep these people at bay, but sometimes those boundaries mean ending the relationship. There are just some people who want to emit negative energy at all times and drag everyone around them down too.

5. Harness Powerful Visualizations

It’s so important to start seeing yourself in a different light.

This process should mean changing what you believe about yourself on a fundamental level. It usually doesn’t take fully conscious thoughts to form our self-image.

You might think of yourself as the one who hates exercise. You might have labeled yourself a “chocolate-lover” or “wine connoisseur.” Self-image might include wishing you were better at going to the gym—but that’s just not you. You might think that healthy people aren’t very much fun because they seem so restricted. Or maybe you have mentally labeled yourself as stuck with excess weight you can’t seem to lose no matter what you try.

When diet and exercise aren’t restrictive punishments, they become part of our identity. If you see yourself as a fit and healthy person, you will naturally gravitate towards healthier lifestyle choices. Repeat these self-truths and pair them with visualizations of what they each look like on you. How does each one make you feel and how does it change your routine:

  • I love activity and exercise. I work out because I love making my body strong.
  • I enjoy healthy foods. I eat a lot of vegetables and fresh fruits because it makes me feel powerful.
  • I rarely eat sugar, bread, pasta or fast food because I don’t like feeling sick and tired.

Which one is the hardest to say and believe? This is a good indicator of where you are getting hung up in your self-perspective.

It will probably feel foreign to you at first-you’ve never seen yourself as a gym person or healthy eater. You probably know someone like that in your life, and you know that isn’t you on a deep, subconscious level. Let yourself wrestle with this change of identity because that means the visualization is truly starting to sink in.

You Will Succeed in Weight Loss this Time!

Now that you have a game plan, it’s time to believe in yourself and get started. Tell yourself, “I’m going to give this time to work and it will be my practice for the rest of my life. I am starting a new pattern of energy.” You can’t be in a hurry to get the results you want because you want long-term change!

I want you to kick this off on the right foot. Start by going to my Center for Healing to join the weight loss plan. This plan does NOT tell you what to eat or restrict part of your lifestyle. It will completely focus on emotional clearings to remove the limiting beliefs and negativity from your life with a remarkable, 4-week plan.

Come see what makes weight loss hard for you.

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