The Easy Way to Stop Taking on Other People’s Negative Energy

Got baggage that's not yours? Here's how to give it back.

It’s happened again. Your friend or family member came to you because they needed help. So you listened and stood by their side as they moved through their issue.

But once again, you end up feeling weighed down afterward. Your body’s energy feels heavy and tired. It’s supposed to feel good to help someone, so what’s going on when it doesn’t?

Taking on someone else’s negative energy can happen unconsciously, but it’s actually very simple to give back—and prevent it from happening again in the future! Here’s how.

It’s all about breaking a pattern.

It’s common for people to move through life taking on other people’s problems. We have been raised in a culture where that’s the nice, helpful, expected thing to do.

This used to be my experience as well before I understood what was going on. It would feel like people in my life, especially my family, were dumping their negativity on me and then walking away, feeling better. And I was left feeling terrible!

But it didn’t actually help the other person at all. It doesn’t help them be accountable for their own issues, and it only leaves you feeling angry about dealing with drama that isn’t even yours.

Consider the possibility that this is just a cycle. It’s simply an old pattern that can be changed. And you already have the first important step underway: the awareness of it. Now it’s time to do the next step.

Give them back their baggage.

As you focus on creating an intentional life of affluence, ease, and joy, it’s supportive for you to clear your energy on a regular basis.

That’s why I love this Visualization for Releasing Baggage That Is Not Yours.

As an energy healer, I created this visualization to help you tune into your energy and shift it yourself. This visualization will help you release energy, feelings, patterns, or life problems you may have taken on from other people. If you carry other people’s energetic baggage, you keep yourself stuck and you block others from potential growth.

When you listen to this visualization, you will return energetic baggage to its proper owner, which is a gift to both them and to you.

Set yourself free and claim back your own energy.

Through simple, easy practices like this visualization, you can heal your own energy and remove the blocks in your subconscious that are weighing you down.

Natalie shares:

“Today I did the Visualization for Releasing Baggage That Is Not Yours and most of the baggage around my feet appeared to be duffle bags and wheeled suitcases. When Carol guided us to move our baggage ahead 10 feet, I looked behind me and saw a huge steamer trunk without wheels with a tag that said ‘Mom.’ I pushed it over with the rest of my baggage and it was ridiculously heavy.

“When I summoned my angels to take the baggage away, I saw them lift that huge trunk. As it floated away, I felt my throat clench up like I was about to cry. This was incredibly freeing.”

Today is the day you can stop taking on other people’s negative energy.

This visualization is only 6 minutes and can clear generations worth of energetic baggage you’ve been carrying. It’s part of your membership in the Carol Tuttle Healing Center. If you’re not a member yet, you can start your 14-day free trial right now.

Join the Carol Tuttle Energy Healing Center today!

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