How To Help Your Pets with Energy Healing Tools

Unexpected ways the Healing Center can help with your pets

Is your pet acting a little off? Do they tend to get anxious when you leave them at home? Do they prefer certain family members more than others?

You already know how much the resources in the Carol Tuttle Healing Center helps you, but have you ever thought about using them for your fur babies?

Pets are very empathic with their owners. (Yes, even cats, aloof though they may be at times!) They’re intuitive and aware of your emotional state even if you aren’t. Because of this, they may take on the work if you don’t do it yourself.

Pets sometimes choose to run your energy to help give you relief. It’s actually a way they serve us. But it’s important for us to make sure it doesn’t get too heavy for them, because they will simply carry that weight and not know how to clear it. It will also end up causing you stress because your pet will start to exhibit behaviors or health conditions you will need to address.

But thankfully, there are ways to clear the energy they’re carrying.

Here is how you can support your pets with the Healing Center resources:

1. Spinal Flush

The Spinal Flush and Zip-Up Technique is an energy healing tool that works for adults, children, and yep—animals too!

This tool will help flush out energy that makes them scared, anxious, or just stressed out. It will help them return to their natural state easily! This will be especially helpful when the energy gets tense within the home. Do the Spinal Flush, and watch your animals return to their own, unique energy.

Donna shares: “Not only does Starman (right) comfort *me* during my clearing sessions (thanks, kitty! 🥰), but skittish Echo (left) has begun to be able to show us affection since I’ve been giving both kitties Spinal Flushes!! 😻😽 She is really coming out of her shell! 🎉”

Two kittens energy healing work

2. Healing Bowl Sound Meditations

Sound is incredibly healing to our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. That’s why I created the Healing Bowl Meditations, because they work to move energy and release blockages while we simply listen. Our pets sense this as well, and it’s very common for pets to come and sit by their owners during these sessions in particular.

Hannah shared this story: “I wanted to share the benefits that the resources in the Healing Centre have had not only for myself and my children but our cat too. Our cat Murray, turned 16 last month. He loves the Tibetan singing bowl meditations, particularly the chakra balancing. He also loves having a Spinal Flush. The last few years he has been very hesitant to go outside during the day. That has all changed since my time in the Healing Centre.”

3. Use Proxy Clearings

As you go through the Healing Center sessions, you might come across a clearing that makes you go, “Hmmm…my pet has this issue.” Well, all you have to do is a proxy session for them, and wow—watch the energy clear easily and painlessly.

Proxy healing is a practice that shares greater healing potential with another individual, like a gift. You can use any Healing Center video as a proxy healing session by using the setup taught in this video.

Wendy’s story is remarkable: “I have done a lot of the clearing sessions as a proxy for animals. I was rehabbing a paralyzed chicken who was somewhat of a medical mystery and took him through the entire disease and illness plan as well as used many of the oil blends with him. He eventually fully recovered and is now living his rooster best life! I find often the animals that are connected to me show me areas that I myself need to heal through their behavior and ailments, especially horses.”

4. Energy Sketching

Can a quick, intentional doodle really shift energy? You bet!

Think about an issue you currently have with your pet. What would you like to experience instead? All you have to do is sketch it out and send that message and energy into the Universe to put it in motion. I use Energy Sketching all the time in my life and have seen incredible changes occur.

Pet owners do too. Here’s Kim’s experience: “I use energy sketching for everything usually on stickie notes all over the place. Here is one when my dog was off and not wanting to go on walks. Squiggles are angels. All is well now.”

Energy Sketching Puppies

Your sketch can be as simple or detailed as you want. That’s not what matters! What matters is that you’re inviting more of your senses to direct the energy so you can create what you want. It’s powerful.

5. Clear Your Own Energy!

Like I said earlier, your pets will try to help by taking on your energy when you aren’t doing the work.

One way you can easily fix issues with your dear pets is by taking responsibility for your own healing work. I have heard time and time again how the behavior and conditions of a pet changed when their owner had been through sessions in the Healing Center!

Jenny’s story is one of them! “My cat has always preferred my husband’s lap (as have all our past cats). Since doing Carol’s healing work, Scotty now comes to me all the time, even if my husband’s lap is available. She is also puking less and seems less stressed as I’ve done a couple of proxy healings for her sake. She seems much more relaxed and happy.”

Your pets take care of you—now you can help them right back!

The resources shared in this blog post are included in your Healing Center membership. Just log in to your account and get started on clearing your pet’s energy—or your own!

If you don’t yet have an account, sign up for your 14-day FREE trial so you can see what it’s like. I hope you’ll share your stories in the comments below. Let’s support other pet owners with all the amazing ways energy healing can help their beloved animals!

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