How to Stay in Your Own Power in Your Relationships

How the power of your 3rd chakra affects relationships

Picture this: You’re having an interaction with someone, whether it’s your partner, a friend, or anyone else. Even if it’s going well, it leaves you feeling depleted. What’s even more strange, is that the other person walks away feeling energized.

What just happened?

Without either of you being aware of it, that person just “hacked” your power chakra energy! It’s no wonder you don’t feel right.

An interesting aspect of our chakra energy is that other people can tap into it and channel it from us. The most popular chakra that gets hacked by others is the power chakra.

Let’s look at why this happens and how you can easily prevent it from happening in the future.

Why your power chakra gets hacked

What I mean by “hacked” is that other people are actually using our energy to make up for the lack of energy in their own system. If someone else’s power chakra is compromised, they can unconsciously steal our energy to give them a sense of more power.

This happens particularly if you are still running a dominant/subordinate energy set-up in your intimate relationship or any significant relationship in your life, such as parent-child, employer-employee relationships.

Having personal boundaries creates an energetic protection around your chakra energy.

Why boundaries are integral to a healthy power chakra

Boundaries are limits that help give our lives structure and form. Boundaries help us to establish limits and guidelines that are necessary to maintain our personal energy and use this energy for ourselves rather than letting others steal it from us.

As your chakra energy gets more sustainable and holds its own, that’s a boundary. You no longer allow others to hack your energy, and you stay in your own power.

You feel the difference, you feel that ability to stay present, grounded, and balanced. You feel congruent with yourself.

Also—why boundaries are vital for healthy relationships

In order to create healthy and balanced relationships, where both people are honored and supported in being their authentic self, you have to be connected to your personal power source. If you are not connected to your personal power or do not allow your power to support you first, you are either giving your power away to others or taking on other people’s negative energy.

The 3rd chakra is like a powerhouse of energy that feeds us and sustains our sense of being our own person, in our own energy. As you open your power chakra, you will change your relationship for the better.

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