Feeling a Lack of Motivation During All of Your Time at Home?

Here’s why you shouldn’t fight it and just go with it.

Quarantine and social distancing is a new experience for all of us.

I’ve been reading a lot of coaches and motivators’ messages telling us we need to stay motivated and take advantage of our stay-at-home status. Use this time to skill up, get disciplined, finish projects, learn something new, and get a lot done.

I thought the same thing a week ago.

But now, after a week of having the same to-do’s on my list moved from one day to the next…after a week of not getting out of bed until 9am…sleeping 9-9 1/2 hours a night…I’m finally realizing today that the energy we’re moving through with the current pandemic is working us at a deep level.

This pandemic is calling us to process and shift—and that takes a lot out of us.

So I have re-thought my daily priorities for the week ahead.

1. My body wants more sleep, so I’m going to get to bed earlier and get up by 8 am. This gives me those 9 hours of sleep.

2. When I wake up in the morning but don’t feel like getting out of bed, I use my daily mantra, “I wake up, I get up, I show up.”

3. Exercise is important. I’m going to get outside and walk. My goal is 10,000 steps a day.

4. Eat smart. Avoid sugars, processed foods, and fuel my body with whole foods.

5. Do the healing practices in my Healing Plan for the Chakras for each day.

6. If I had children at home, I would show up to support them within a structure that supports their true nature. I’d be doing spinal flushes daily on all of us. This enables you to stay present and clear for them. I wouldn’t expect them to be super productive either. They are processing and shifting also.

7. Get dressed every day—even though I probably won’t be going anywhere. Dressing Your Truth will help you feel more aligned with your true self and feel great.

That’s it. Anything else I accomplish is a bonus.

In my book The Modern Chakra Guide I teach that we are living at a time where we are being uprooted from the world in which we have known to create new healthier roots and ways of living.

When I wrote the book a year ago, I had no idea the uprooting process would be so dramatic.

During this time, be kind and patient with yourself and your family. Being uprooted from century-old patterns and ways of living is a tiring process. If you feel like you need to sleep more, or sit around a little more, so be it.

Just do the basics that keep yourself clear and healthy right now.

For those of you who are out in the chaos on the front lines:

Have very low expectations for yourself. Do the minimum. People want to help those of you in this situation. Let your network know you need support. Let them bring you dinners, someone coming over to help clean the house. Take lots of vitamin C. Do the spinal flushes daily so you don’t carry the fear energy. Pray and ask for added energy and capacity to deal with this. Sending you lots of positive energy and gratitude.

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