How to Leave the Baggage of 2020 Behind & Enter 2021 Fresh

3 lessons you learned and 3 ways you can take them with you

Raise your hand if you’re ready to leave 2020 behind.

You want to just shut it down, walk away, and start 2021 fresh. You think, “When 2020 is over, everything will be better.”

But be careful – wherever your mind is now, you’re creating more of it and bringing it into the new year.

So if your focus is on putting your happiness in the future, you’re always going to be in that mindset—even when the calendar turns to 2021.

Here’s the truth: it’s up to you, not the year!

If you want to have an amazing 2021, you can! But let’s look at how to make that happen so you’re not repeating patterns or finding yourself stuck in a mindset that will steal your happiness.

What did 2020 show you?

It showed us first and foremost our fears. Think back to when you felt afraid. Where did you place your point of power: within you or outside of you?

For many of us, we were quickly caught up in the collective energy of placing that power outside of ourselves. It’s understandable that this happened!

You and I are living in a world that’s offering up many things we can’t directly control. In the face of current events, many people believe that if they really care, they must stay in a heightened state of stress and worry.

It’s not true. That is a lie that will wear you out.

I carefully followed the energy of 2020. And because of everything that happened this year, I believe we were given 3 big lessons that we can take into 2021.

1. Taking our power back.

With intention, you can take your power back within moments.

Right now, this minute: Relax your shoulders. Stretch your neck from side to side. Take a deep breath. Notice how capable you are of calming down your physical and emotional bodies.

The key is to maintain that calm, no matter what chaos is happening externally.

As we ground and recenter ourselves, we take back our power and find it within ourselves again. Feels amazing, doesn’t it?

You can take your power back every single day, multiple times a day. Whenever you need it!

2. Getting back in control of our minds.

2020 was a year of getting in control of our minds.

I 100% believe that we have the power to create our reality. Your thinking mind is like a computer program. Unless you consciously make the choice to create the programming you want, your mind will run off the programming it was fed throughout your life.

We live in a world where this is more important than ever.

In the Healing Center, I offer daily scripts and affirmation tracks, covering multiple subjects, that help you easily devote 2-3 minutes a day to re-training your thoughts.

I highly recommend listening to these two tracks every single day:

It works. It worked for me. I no longer have thoughts of lack, fear, what if, and all the barrage of negativity people have to experience every day. Even in challenging situations, my mind quickly creates an affirmative point of view of what could happen.

Take ownership of your thinking mind and train your mind to do what you want it to do to create the reality you want.

3. Choosing joy.

Some people are natural optimists and find the glass half full in every situation. But for others, this is something that takes more intention.

Every day, consciously choose joy. It’s essential to do this so you can feel good. Even though the collective fear feels louder than ever, know that you can create your own joy and your own reality.

I recommend using the “I am joyful” healing oil every day while listening to the Daily Scripts. This oil is an instant mood lifter. It will energize and elevate your positive feelings.

Remember: You can’t lift anyone if you are in a compromised state of constant stress. Cultivate calm and joy in your own life. Take care of yourself today. We need your gifts at their very best.

Take the good from 2020 and bring it into 2021

The contrast is stronger than ever. Will you choose fear or joy? Will you be powerless or a creator?

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