Affirmations Are Awesome—But Here’s Why They’re Not Enough

There's more to manifestation than repeating affirmations. Find out what it is.

I remember when I first learned about using affirmations to help me change from my victim mentality to a life of affluence, ease, and joy.

In 1994 I actually wrote over 30 affirmations on 8.5 x 11-inch pieces of construction paper and taped them all over our house. I was passionate about changing my life!

It was a new idea for me to understand that our thoughts are energy signals that we send into the world that affect the experiences in our lives.

I trusted that if I could train my mind to think in the affirmative by putting my attention on what I wanted (rather than using my thinking mind to try and prevent what I didn’t want) I’d send out a signal that sets into motion my life changing for the better. I have also used affirmative prayer to ask for God’s help.

Your thoughts lead to beliefs. Your beliefs influence your actions. And your thoughts, beliefs, and actions all affect your life.

I am here to tell you that affirmations worked, but there was more for me to learn.

What I learned next was, affirmations alone were not enough!

Because we live in a physical world where action and follow-through are a big part of the day-to-day experience, I began to understand where they both fit with the practice of affirmations.

Affirmations are just part of the manifestation process.

Let’s say you want a new, white car. You write down your affirmation:

“I am grateful for the new white car that is showing up in my life at a price I can afford. I am grateful that it will require low maintenance, will run well, and be a joy to drive.”

What most people do next prevents the manifestation process. They don’t give the Universe the chance to orchestrate the details and flow the information and events into their lives because they’re too focused on trying to figure it out themselves!

It’s better to do this: once you have offered your affirmation and asked for a new, white car, release it to the Universe by asking God and your angels for assistance and allow it to show up.

The next step is when you get involved. You will start to experience events, ideas, and situations where you will feel moved into inspired action. You will feel like these actions are what you’re meant to do that will help you have your new white car.

Your job is to respond to the calls that come—after you believe your affirmations.

In the above example, notice that the action came after holding the new belief that you are going to get that new, white car.

First, create your desire into a new belief in the form of an affirmation. As you hold that belief free of doubt, you will be moved to do what is inspired and timely to help bring what you desire to pass.

In the Healing Center, I’ve created several resources to support you in manifesting what you want at the basic level.

I recommend the Daily Script to Create an Affirmative Mind. This 2-minute meditation will help you use your mind as a tool to create the reality of affluence you desire. Scripts are like telling a story, and as you repeat this new story on a regular basis, your reality will take on the energy of the new story and become what you have been believing it can become. Listen to this daily script to use your mind as a creative force that can shape-shift your reality to one of affluence, ease, and joy.

I also recommend the Healing Affirmation Cards to bring your affirmations into your physical reality. Remember the affirmations I wrote on construction paper back in 1994? My affirmations have now turned into a deck. This deck of 45 beautiful affirmation cards will help you turn your thoughts toward the experience you want to create. Put them where you can see them—on your mirror or nightstand, in your car, or at your desk. And then pay attention. Notice how these thoughts change your life from the inside out.

I use this formula every day of my life now. Affirmative thinking followed by inspired action has become my lifestyle. It is a rich and affluent way to live that is available to all of us. It’s not hard to do—it just takes commitment and repetition.

Share in a comment something you have manifested in your life recently using this process.

Bless you,

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