Nightmares & Nail-Biting – Healing Tips for Common Childhood Issues

These Healing Center tools can even help big issues in small kids

“Does the Healing Center work for children?”

This is a common question parents ask me—especially once they see profound healing in themselves from doing the clearing sessions and healing plans.

My answer is: Absolutely!

You can either teach your child several of the healing techniques directly or clear the energy yourself through proxy sessions.

Today let’s talk about two common childhood issues and the Healing Center tools I recommend to help with them.


Nightmares are challenging for parents and children alike! The nightmares can come from obvious places: exposure to the news, scary movies, or real-life experiences.

As much as we try to limit exposure to those things, nightmares can sneak in through other areas, such as stories from friends, surprising advertisements on TV or the internet, or by overhearing adult conversations that weren’t intended for them.

This can be very stressful for parents. My oldest daughter, Jenny, was very susceptible to this in her childhood. She is highly empathic and easily took on the energy of others and the news, which resulted in nightmares.

If your child is old enough, go through the Clearing Session for Taking on Other People’s Energy with them.

Use these tips every night before your child goes to bed:

  • Use the Spinal Flush to clear your child’s energy.
  • Rub the “I Am Nurtured” Healing Oil on the bottom of your child’s feet.
  • Wrap your child in white light and ask angels to keep the nightmares away.

Anne shares this about her experience with these tips:

“My Type 2 3-year-old son has had a rough time sleeping the past couple weeks. It got so bad that he woke up 5 times feeling anxious about dreams he was having.

“He needs his sleep – and so do I! So after hearing multiple stories of people experiencing a better night’s sleep after using the “I am Nurtured” healing oil, I gave it a try. I rubbed it on his feet and diffused it while he slept. Just like magic, he slept for more than 12 hours – 2 nights in a row!! This stuff is amazing!

“Add it to your bedtime routine! 😴Everyone will be happy you did!”


My first question for you would be: Is there a family history of nail biting or picking?

I ask because there is in my family. I was the nail biter. It started as a way for me to disassociate from my abusive father. I know of at least one of my brothers who also carried the pattern.

My daughter Anne carries the pattern and has done clearing on it. Did Anne experience trauma as a child? Yes, when I was acting out dysfunctionally before I healed.

Her 7-year-old daughter, Katie, who is also a Type 3/4 like me, carries this pattern as well. However, she has not experienced any trauma.

Anne and I have done proxy work on behalf of Katie. A 7-year-old is too young to take on the role of clearing this pattern. You can do the clearing for it.

Look at your own situation and see if the bigger picture is a generational pattern. Was there abuse in your family, or another trauma? What stress is your child under that would provoke this behavior that others in the family possibly exhibited? Recognizing your child is carrying energy that is a generational pattern will help you have a more patient and loving approach to this.

How to Clear Generational Energy for your Child

I also recommend the nighttime tips from the “Nightmares” section above.

While you are opening and clearing the energy, engage your child in some practical strategies to motivate her to not bite her nails and chew.

This could look like having your child come up with other things they could do with their hands. Squeeze a small ball, build with Legos, finger paint, etc.

When you notice your child biting or chewing, rather than draw attention to the behavior, invite them to share how they feel.

Remember to consider nutrition. When you limit carbs and eat plenty of protein and healthy fats, your child’s nerves will be less strung. Carbs and sugars create a more anxious state, so limiting or eliminating them altogether will create more opportunities for your child to fill up on healthy brain food.

Here are other childhood issues these tips could help:
Feeling unmotivated
Separation anxiety

What experiences or tips do you have from using the Healing Center tools with your children? Share in a comment below and you’ll inspire all the other parents and grandparents.

Bless you,

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