5 Holiday Affirmations to Create a Positive & Peaceful Season

These affirmations will change the way you experience the holidays!

Feeling stressed out at this time of year?

I have a simple formula that will help you take your holiday stress and transform it so that you can create what you want instead.

Step 1: Identify how you feel and what you’re worried about.

Step 2: Rework your language and mindset into a present-tense, calm affirmation.

Want to see it in action?

Here are 5 common stressors we face at this time of year. Then watch how we turn them into affirmations:

  • Feeling tired, run-down, and even unwell, leading to sickness
  • Dreading the extra weight you put on during the holiday season
  • Worried about not having enough money for gifts or going into debt
  • Overextending yourself for others by adding more to your schedule
  • Feeling overwhelmed with constant busy days, making the season fly by

5 Holiday Affirmations to Bring You Peace & Joy this Season

1. “I am easily slowing down this season so I can spend time with those who matter most.”

During the holidays, we commonly add more activities to our day-to-day lives without giving up or adjusting our existing commitments.

Take time to set an intention for this holiday season. What do you want to experience with your loved ones? What memories do you want to create? You may have to “give up” something you don’t want in order to “get” something you do.

Trust that you will easily and effortlessly make adjustments this season so you can slow down and create beautiful memories!

2. “I am easily making healthy and balanced food choices.”

Holidays are often celebrated with food! The abundance of food allows us the chance to enjoy and even indulge in our favorite holiday recipes.

I love food! It’s a wonderful part of the holidays, but I also know how challenging it can be to avoid holiday overeating and weight gain.

Overeating distracts us from the joy of the holidays. When we overeat, instead of enjoying the festivities we worry about gaining weight and feel guilty for consuming more than we know is healthy.

What you really want is to go to bed feeling clear and balanced. You want to feel healthy and vital this time of year.

This essential oil blend, I Am Fit will help you do that.

I Am Fit Essential Oil Blend

This Healing Oil will help reduce cravings and stimulate a balanced appetite. One of my favorite ways to use this oil is to place one small drop on my tongue. It instantly inspires me to make healthy food choices and takes away any cravings to eat “just because.”

3. “I am choosing to use my money wisely this season.”

The retail marketplace goes into overdrive this time of year.

You can easily fool yourself into believing that you are saving money by shopping numerous sales. A good deal is great. But too many good deals could create the experience of overspending and stress from financial debt.

What you really want is to enjoy the holiday spirit.

Put purchasing in its proper place.

Plan what you want to purchase before going to the next sale. Let your plan dictate your purchasing, rather than let a good deal drive your choices.

Setting your boundary sets you up for a more supportive giving experience. When you share your gifts, you’ll fully experience the spirit of giving. (And it won’t be ruined after the fact, when the credit card bills arrive!)

4. “I am setting positive boundaries so I can choose gratitude this season.”

Speaking of boundaries, when we lack personal boundaries and insight into what we really want, we often feel we have to make decisions to please others.

This might look like agreeing to host family dinner if we don’t want to, baking 6 dozen cookies for your kid’s classroom celebration, or shopping with a friend at a busy mall.

When we make decisions that dishonor our choices, we feel powerless. As a by-product, we start complaining about things we’re doing that we never wanted to do in the first place!

If you are struggling with committing to things you don’t want to, I encourage you to take 9 minutes and do this Clearing Session for Patterns of People Pleasing.

This session will help you clear the limiting beliefs that the opinions and happiness of others are more important than your own. You don’t have to please other people in order to be loved and accepted. You’ll learn how to shift into this truth and create a much more enjoyable holiday season!

5. “I am creating moments of joy whenever I choose.”

As you know, this is a special time of year that we can easily sabotage with undue stress and emotional overload. I personally know that challenge.

I spent years modifying how I approach the holidays. I’m grateful to be in a place now where the holidays are relaxed and pleasant.

One of the ways I did this was getting into the habit of noticing joyful, happy moments and tapping them into my energy system. I teach you how to do that in this video: 2 Techniques to Make Every Day Pleasurable. It only takes 6 minutes, and you can watch it for free when you sign up to access all my Healing Center sessions!

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Join me in committing to these 5 powerful holiday affirmations. Let’s create the merriest season yet!

Bless you,

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