The Issue I Didn’t Even Know I Was Dealing With (& You May Be Too!)

A one-minute breathwork exercise to pull your energy back in

When the world doesn’t look like anything you’ve ever known, it’s easy to feel thrown out of balance.

It’s no secret we’re dealing with mass amounts of uncertainty in our lives these days.

In my experience of helping thousands upon thousands of people in my energy healing work, the #1 issue most people need help healing is feeling ungrounded. They feel uncentered, overwhelmed, and spacey.

I was absolutely feeling this way just a few days ago! Are you feeling the same way?

Do a short self-assessment with me right now:

How often do you experience…

  • Feeling pulled out of yourself
  • Distractions
  • Your children are easily upset, whiney, or crying
  • Not being able to snap out of your thoughts
  • Always wanting to be on your devices
  • Not being able to get things done
  • Obsessive thinking

All of these are just a few of the common signs that you’re not grounded. This could mean that your root chakra is weak or closed.

Why being ungrounded affects us so much

When your root chakra energy is healthy, rooted, and thriving, you’ll feel as though you are a part of humanity, while still maintaining an independent sense of self. You feel safe. You hold your own energy and experience your own emotions.

We feel clear on our personal values with a strong sense of standing in our own truth. We feel that life supports us and that we will always have our needs and wants met.

If your root chakra is weak or closed, you will find it challenging to move forward since your primal sense of survival is triggered. You feel afraid, unsafe. Without being rooted, life becomes monotonous, as you are not grounded to a sense of identity or a unique purpose.

Not to mention, we live in a high-tech world and are engaged with technology so heavily, every day. The constant distractions from being on our devices unroots us, disrupts our energy, and throw us off balance.

How to ground back into your own energy

I highly recommend combining a breathing technique with the use of essential oils, specifically the “I Am Grounded” and “I Am Balanced” Healing Oils:

I Am Grounded: This oil assists you in connecting with your own body and the energy of the earth. Using this oil serves as a reminder that you have a right to be here and a purpose in which to contribute your gifts. This oil also provides a unique benefit of clearing your personal energy system of the side effects of excessive exposure to EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) that are emitted from cell phones and computers.

I Am Balanced: This oil blend assists you in activating, strengthening, and balancing the entire chakra system. It can be used on any individual chakra, or be applied to all 7 chakras to activate and strengthen the entire system. As a result, you will experience more harmony and balance as you take a stand.

Breathing Technique

  1. Place a few drops of the “I Am Balanced” or “I Am Grounded” healing oils in your hands, rubbing them together. Cup your hands over your mouth and nose without touching your face. Inhale deeply.
  2. Place hands on top of your head and put your full attention on your breath.
  3. Pay attention to the deep inhales and exhales. This pulls your energy back in and brings you to the present moment.
  4. Say these words silently in your mind, giving one word for each breath: “I (inhale) am (exhale) here (inhale) right (exhale) now (inhale).” And exhale.
  5. Do this for one full minute.

Simply notice your breathing when your mind wanders off. At the end of your minute, take note of how you feel.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

And so simple.

Share this post with a friend who would love to feel more grounded, centered, and present again. Let’s spread the calm during this uncertain time.

Bless you,

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