How to Get These Energy Centers Working for Your Type 4 Energy

Within the energy of the universe, there are four basic personality types. These personality types are focused on the natural energy we draw from the universe and return back into the world. We are all individuals, but understanding our core energy explains a lot about our natural responses and the different strengths and weaknesses we have.

I want to really open up your possibilities by helping you understand your Energy Type and how to balance your energy centers. We all get a little off-kilter without the right kind of maintenance. I want you to be able to access your higher energy levels while staying fully grounded, living to your fullest potential. This post is dedicated to Type 4.

What is Type 4 Energy?

If you are a Type 4, then you are the stable and straightforward person that is a reliable force in the world. You are structured and like order, though it doesn’t always have to be clean cut. You will press forward to finish the jobs that need to be completed, approaching the world with a deep contemplation. If you are a Type 4, you probably:

  • Work in a steady and predictable way
  • Like structure and things that are reliable
  • Find peace in solitude
  • Can act quickly, but always in a thought-through, prepared way
  • Deep thinker with straightforward logic
  • Tend to see the glass as half empty

Your Energy Type naturally turns to steady action, improving things around you with a consistent energy. You are dedicated to the things and people you care about with a reliable energy. You have the same “slow and steady” approach to most things as the tortoise when racing the hare. You reach your goals by following on a practical course of action and pressing forward. You have a natural persistence that keeps you going, even when things are tough.

I have some important information for how Type 4 Energy personalities can stay grounded and energized. I want to help you continue to offer your gift of stability and dedication.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Type 4

Every personality type has pros and cons. When you know these strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to avoid the pitfalls typical to your Energy Type and get your energy centers working for you. I want you to find your inner balance so that you can continue to offer your steadfast nature to the world around you without going into hyperdrive.

The Strengths of a Type 4 Energy are:

You are loyal and dependable. People know they can count on you to get things done when you say you will.

You are the steady engine. You drive things forward that need to get done with a calm consistency. You have logically reasoned the best course of action and you are taking it one step at a time.

You don’t rush to judgment. You do examine everything around you, but you take in details with a careful eye.

You aren’t easily distracted. You stay the course and not much will knock you off target.

You are stable energy. You are the rock or earth element. You have a firm and bold energy that isn’t loud unless it has to be and feels sure about the place it holds in the world.

Your strength is the Root Chakra. You are naturally grounded and ready for action. You take things literally and are precise in what you do.

But not everything is fully predictable for a Type 4 energy. When things are overwhelming you, there are some common pitfalls you will face:

You feel frustrated and irritated at other people’s shortcomings. You work hard to make yourself better, and you expect the same from others. You don’t understand people who are unpredictable or drop balls and it feels like they are being irresponsible or selfish.

You can get walked on. You are not a softer personality type, but you aren’t an interruptive type either. Because of this, you can get walked on in conversations and may feel unable to get your thoughts across to others.

Your weakest chakra is the throat chakra. It isn’t that you can’t speak up, it’s that sometimes you get caught in your upper chakras and can’t process to vocalize those struggles. The throat chakra is the action point for the higher chakras and while you are strong at acting from the root chakra, expressing your upper chakras can be a struggle.

You may leave if you feel overwhelmed. You might shut down, or you might leave to find solitude. The Type 4 doesn’t like to feel ungrounded and being off-balance will make you feel miserable and unproductive.

How to Release Your Type 4 Energy

I love the gifts you offer as a Type 4 Energy. We need structure and stability desperately right now, so thank you! Just by being yourself, you bring a sense of calm and stillness to the room.

But when you are caught circling in your upper chakras and trying to still work from your root chakra,  you are going to feel segmented and without a true purpose. You will feel a build-up of negative energies that you can’t seem to release. I want you to live up to your highest form of self.

Balancing your chakras is going to be key to get those upper chakras communicating with the world and in line with your lower chakras. So find yourself a quiet place where you can sit, uninterrupted. You can listen to soothing music if that is something that helps you focus and find calm.

  • Close your eyes and imagine sitting on the bank near moving water.
  • Begin to let your thoughts flow down the river as you sit on that bank.
  • Only keep thoughts that support your highest and greatest good at this time.
  • Everything else streams away—words, phrases, thoughts.
  • Continue this process until you feel peace and stillness.
  • Close your mind, stopping that flow and imagine grounding yourself, by rooting back into the ground.

Repeat to yourself: “My thoughts support the gift of my stability. I only think the thoughts that support my ability to create stability, resiliency and structure as I move through the experience of my life.”

As you come back to the here-and-now, only allow back in those thoughts that support the stability you are creating. Make sure you schedule solitude to do this mindfulness practice regularly, connecting those upper and lower chakras so you can stay rooted.

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