What Money Issues Are You Ready to Clear?

Want more money? Here's how to remove your blocks.

“I hope I have enough. I hope I don’t run out. It feels like there’s never enough.”

Sound familiar? When it comes to money, these thoughts are common. Most people who have gone through my Money Quiz would agree. Even if you aren’t consciously thinking these thoughts, it’s in the energy you carry.

But it doesn’t have to stay this way.

This “never enough” energy is easy to clear. In fact, it’s quite simple! I’m going to help you make these changes.

The 2024 30-Day Money Cure has just begun. I invite you to jump in and join us for this guided live experience.

This special broadcast will help you shift your experience with money. Here’s what we covered on the episode:

(3:30) – I share my own personal money story of how my husband and I went from being in debt, without income for 18 months, to successfully removing all of our money blocks and creating financial affluence.

(18:00) – My first guest, Jen, has a story that will inspire you! She went through the 30-Day Money Cure last year and saw dramatic results. She used to constantly be in debt, afraid there would not be enough money for groceries. Now, she’s bringing in more income than ever before and finally dreaming big again.

(29:30) – I take you through a tour of the 30-Day Money Cure to show you what you’ll experience when you join us this year.

(32:22) – My second guest is Smita, whose money struggles showed up later in her life due to generational patterns. I take her through a healing session of forgiveness to reset her energy and rebirth a new money story. You can do this tapping session right along with us as you watch.

(50:30) – To create wealth, you need both the flow and accumulation of money. Do this simple technique to help both of them increase!

(52:00) – I take live questions from our viewers, including: How do you know if you were raised with a poverty mentality around money—or not?

Ready to shift even more so you can flow and accumulate more money?

Getting started is easy. The Money Magnet Quiz shows you how you’re either blocking or attracting money every single day.

Get your Money Quiz results here!

Bless you,

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