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What To Do When People Don’t Support You

Feel unsupported in life? There's a reason for it.

Think of the last time you felt unsupported. It didn’t feel great, did it?

When people don’t support us, we tend to think in terms of what they need to do differently so that we feel supported.

But consider the possibility that you are creating the experience of not having support.

You are the one that has the most power to change how people respond to you by changing your energy. And the first way to change your energy is to have affirmative thoughts.

Teaching yourself to have affirmative thoughts

In order to create an affirmative mind, you have to train yourself to have one. The simplistic analogy that has been said for decades is to “see the glass half full.” This can be challenging for some, as they do not want to be in denial about reality.

The trick is to deal with what reality currently offers you and teach your mind to respond with confidence that you can bend the energy to change reality, by first altering your thought process to be a more affirmative one.

If you really listen to your thoughts, you may be surprised by how often you cast yourself in the role of a victim, as someone who things just happen to. We learn to think with a victim mindset in our families of origin, by listening to what our family members speak about. You get into the habit of thinking certain thoughts at a very young age.

Thinking in the victim mindset creates self-sabotage.

We all have blind spots and strong conditioners that keep us believing and thinking the same thing over and over.

These blind spots and conditioned beliefs create patterns of self-sabotage. We all want something better, yet we don’t know how to get out of the self-defeating cycle.

When I started to rehabilitate myself from living as a victim, one of the first things I did was to start training my mind to respond differently in thought and perception from how a victim would think and perceive. That process required me to pay attention to the words I used both in my thoughts and in my speech.

This played a huge role in ending my self-sabotage game.

How to change your thoughts and energy to create more support

As you step out of the victim mindset, you will create more support in your life from your family and friends. People will show up for you and be there for you once you’ve cleared this energy.

A great session that will assist you in this process is the Clearing Session for Fear of Rejection in the Carol Tuttle Healing Center.

When you carry old shame energy from rejection, you can keep people from showing up to support you in a subconscious effort to prevent being rejected by them. It’s sort of like this, “I won’t let you support me, so you can’t reject me!”

As you do this clearing, you are shifting from a place of believing you had no support to a belief you have support, and that support is now safe.

My client, Indie, shares: “I love the Clearing Session for Fear of Rejection. I have picked up on patterns in my life that I knew related to abandonment and rejection but didn’t know how to stop them. The shifts in my life over the last month of working in the Healing Center have been incredible. I feel like I’m finally making headway after a couple of decades of hard work that had unimpressive results.”

Have you used the Clearing Session for Fear of Rejection yet? How has it helped you?

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