What Your Foot Problems Are Trying To Tell You

Find out what emotional issues are causing you foot pain.

How are those feet feeling? According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, 77% of US adults experience some kind of foot pain. So if you wake up every day feeling aches and pains in your feet, you are definitely not alone.

I had some really major foot problems that were causing issues in all aspects of my life. So for the last 8 years, I’ve been proactively healing my feet.

I learned early on that a big part of the process of healing my feet was not only to address their physical health, but to look at the underlying and subconscious limiting emotional beliefs that were making my feet susceptible to having problems.

Think about what your feet do for you. They aren’t very big compared to your legs, arms, chest and other parts of your body. But they serve two very important purposes. First, your feet help you stand up and bear the weight of your entire body. Second, they help propel you forward.

Let’s think about those two purposes and how they relate to the emotional and mental pain you might be experiencing.

When you were a child, did people stand up for you? Maybe you had a parent who shamed you or was abusive and another parent that just stood there doing nothing. Or maybe you were put in social or educational situations where you were picked on or made to feel inferior, and nobody came to your aid.

If people didn’t stand up for you as a child, it’s quite likely that you grew up thinking you still weren’t worth others taking a stand for you. So as an adult, you’re now not taking a stand for yourself. You let people walk all over you. Or maybe you’re so afraid of people walking all over you that you try to take control of relationships in a negative way.

Maybe as a child, you lived in an environment where you had to walk on eggshells. You moved through life having to watch your every move and lived in fear that you might make a mistake and get in trouble. As an adult, you now fear moving forward. You’re stuck in the past and not capable of achieving the future outcomes you deserve.

Both of these issues create pain in your feet because you aren’t addressing the emotional wounds that first need healing. You’re storing the old fear energy in your feet. Fortunately, you can heal those wounds and allow your physical body to heal as well.

Watch the video above where I take you through a detailed clearing session to get your feet on the path to healing once and for now. I use emotional freedom technique (aka tapping or EFT) along with affirmations that will help heal your emotional wounds and allow your physical body to heal your foot pain.

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