Where Does Medication Fit Into Alternative Healing?

How modern medicine and alternative healing can go hand in hand

It’s common in the world of alternative and natural healing for enthusiasts to be at odds with modern medicine—especially medication.

I understand this viewpoint, as many have come into the world of learning and trying out alternative healing modalities only after spending a lot of time and money on modern medical approaches, with very little results.

I was one of them. When it came to my mental and brain health years ago, I was tired, worn out, and desperate after nearly 3 years of traditional therapy. I was desperate and open to trying anything that might work.

It’s been a long time since I was in that difficult place. And through the years, I have learned that traditional modern medicine has its place in our world—and a very important place too.

I believe the brain and body can have issues that require outside help. There will be times when alternative healing methods work wonderfully, and other times when modern medicine will be the greatest gift!

When modern medicine is necessary and life-changing

Several of my family members’ lives would have been dramatically changed or ended if it were not for modern medicine.

As wonderful and effective as alternative healing is, I believe it’s about having a balance of both when needed.

My husband had a full-on stroke at the young age of 55 that caused him to lose his ability to speak. If it were not for the intervention of the drug TPA, the damage could have been permanent.

My youngest son was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis at the tender age of 4 weeks old, and without surgical correction, he would have died.

There have also been the few broken bones and ailments that required medical care and prescription drugs to help our bodies heal.

Modern medicine has been necessary during those times in my family!

One modality isn’t better than the other—they both have a place

I chose not to take an all-or-nothing approach when it comes to traditional modern medicine and alternative healing methods. They can complement each other, not rule the other out!

I believe that everything we have at our disposal that has the potential to bless our lives and our health is a good thing.

I chose to follow divine inspiration and my own intuition to know what is correct and when.

I also feel it’s my role to stay informed and educated by studying reliable resources. Keeping my body healthy is my job—not the doctor’s or the job of any institution! I am the steward of my body and it guides me in its quest to stay healthy.

It starts with clearing the limiting and damaging beliefs and emotions I may carry that get in the way of my ability to optimize ultimate health.

Take control of your physical health

In the Carol Tuttle Healing Center, I created the Healing Plan for Disease and Illness. It’s a powerful healing plan to help you uncover the beliefs and emotions that are currently stuck in your body, affecting your physical well-being.

You can use this healing plan to address a current issue, or as a preventative before something gets worse. As always, seek professional help from your doctor or specialist as you do this work so you can be sure to have the proper care you need!

Join the Carol Tuttle Energy Healing Center today!

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