The Real Reason You Need Your Illness, Even If You Don’t Know It!

Are your deeper beliefs and repressed emotions keeping you sick?

Could there be a deeper reason you need your illness or disease, but you don’t know it yet?

Could a belief you took on in your childhood keep you from creating full and complete healing?

What if you’re carrying repressed emotion that keeps feeding the imbalance in your body, so your body cannot fully heal?

Let’s discuss what this means and how you can (easily) clear these repressed emotions and beliefs to fully heal your body.

In my book Mastering Affluence I teach you to consider that you may have a deeper need for your illness or disease. That’s hard to imagine when you’ve spent so much time and money trying to heal something that causes you discomfort.

What my own pain taught me about my hidden beliefs

Discovering my hidden beliefs and emotional issues that had not been cleared were a huge discovery in helping me permanently heal a chronic condition that caused me pain for over 5 years. Consider the possibility that you have deeper beliefs and emotions that are keeping you from healing your illness or disease.

In my recent post, Energy Healing For Plantar Fasciitis—Or Any Physical Pain, I share my discovery that an energetic pattern I lived out in my childhood was actually creating a state of imbalance that was contributing to my chronic foot pain.

I discovered that my childhood energetic environment and my mother’s dysfunctional approach to dealing with my father created the experience of having to “walk on eggshells.” It was if the energy of “walking on eggshells was still manifesting in my feet causing me daily chronic pain. With this discovery, I was able to clear that energy and see an 80% improvement in my foot health.

Do you have these hidden beliefs about your pain?

As I share in Mastering Affluence, some deeper beliefs include:

  • Needing to be sick so I get my needs met
  • I have no value without this illness
  • What will I do with my life if I don’t have something to heal
  • The women in my family always get sick and depleted, I am just the next in a long line of women

The following environmental conditions may have shut down your body and you are now dealing with physical imbalances that are energetically feeding your weakened condition:

  • Don’t say a word or somebody will get mad (throat and thyroid issues)
  • Constant fighting and contention (migraines and gut issues due to not wanting to hear it and you can’t stomach all the contention)
  • Taking on other people’s energy (autoimmune diseases)

There are many variables to consider, and I’m here to help you put the puzzle together of what you may be holding onto at a subconscious level that keeps you from getting well.

An easy way to clear the disease and illness from your body

One of the most powerful (and one of my favorite) healing plans is the Healing Plan for Disease and Illness. Everyone with a health issue will benefit from going through this plan with me.

I have not met a person yet that has a physical imbalance that has a deeper issue feeding it. You can clear and heal that interference easily and quickly which will free your body up to start to restore and regenerate itself.

Kristen is a Healing Center client who shares this impactful story:

“Since doing the Disease and Illness plan, I discarded the weekly “illness” and exhaustion I’d been creating since I was a pre-teen to get attention and away from the demands of people-pleasing. I now pace myself according to what feels good to me, and I function well every day. I began thinking of myself as whole and healed – ever since I incurred a traumatic brain injury nearly seven years ago, I’ve done so much to learn to function again. I now see it in the rearview mirror and not as a current condition. THIS was huge.

“And, amazingly, people who have been supportive and caring from my past are turning up and coming back into my life. Seeing myself as whole and healed is encouraging more goodness into my life. It’s exciting to see how these miracles are showing up to support me. They are constantly growing and increasing ease, affluence, and joy in my life.”

You’re invited to join me for my group supported Healing Plan for Disease and Illness from September 16 – October 4. I truly look forward to hearing about the life-changing experiences you will have.

Bless you,

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