Why Going to the Doctor Will Never Make You Healthy

3 tips to help you take back your health—and your life

Are you sick of being sick? Tired of being tired all the time?

Are you stuck in a cycle of going from doctor to doctor without getting better?

If so, then this might surprise you:

Going to a doctor will never make you healthy unless you’ve already done your part.

Doctors are an incredible gift to our world, but until you take ownership of your body and your health, you will most likely end up disappointed, spending a lot of time and energy on doctor visits trying to get better.

Why I am grateful for doctors

In my personal experience, my son Mark would not be alive today if it weren’t for a surgical procedure he needed to treat the pyloric stenosis he had at 4 weeks old.

And if it weren’t for the medication called TPA and the stroke unit at the emergency room, my husband Jon would most likely have more severe, life-altering side effects from his stroke.

I am very, very grateful for the life-saving procedures and modern medicines doctors are skilled in.

But today, I invite you to consider the possibility that doctors and other medical professionals are not responsible for your health.

They can identify disease and perform amazing feats during emergencies.

But YOU are responsible for your own health and well-being.

Until you take that responsibility, no doctor, pill, or surgery on this planet will heal you. You cannot expect doctors to do the miraculous work that your mind and body can do to create true health.

3 Tips to Create True and Lasting Health

  1. Be willing to let go of old habits.

  2. You have habits that are not supporting your health. Why not release them?

    Release one habit that currently hurts you and replace it with a behavior that supports your health.

    Consider replacing soda with water, or eating fruit and veggies for a snack instead of a donut.

    Or maybe you need to release negative emotions and replace them with positive affirmations.

    In the Carol Tuttle Healing Center, I have a Healing Plan for Disease and Illness that helps you discover the trapped emotions and energy that are stuck in your body, making you sick. Going through this healing plan is a powerful step you can take to look within and start to heal from the inside out.

  3. Be proactive in what you feel inspired to do.

  4. Making decisions for your health can feel overwhelming with all the information out there. Pray and ask for guidance to know what to do. You will be given the answer.

    The answer may come through people, a book, a website, an article, or other form.

    Wherever the inspiration comes from, take action in a positive, healthy direction.

  5. Be your own health provider.

  6. Instead of looking to doctors to provide health that they cannot give, give yourself permission to be your own health advocate.

    Seek out various resources and true health practitioners. Natural health care professionals, naturopathic physicians, chiropractors, energy healers, and others can help empower you to make healthy lifestyle changes that support you.

    Take responsibility for the imbalances in your body and begin today to create the health you’re meant to experience.

As I mentioned, if you want better physical health, you need to learn how to care for your own energy system and emotional health. My Healing Center is full of resources to help you do that. I offer a 14-day free trial for new members, so you can try it out and see how powerful it is.

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