The Most Important Thing I Do Every Day: My Creation and Manifestation Journal

Are you struggling to create the life you want? Perhaps you are working on creation and want more attraction techniques to help you manifest abundance.

I have found manifestation journals to be powerful tools for guiding the creation process. While manifestation journaling might seem like an activity for an adolescent with a glittery gel pen, I can assure you it is not going to be a waste of your time.

I’m going to explain how a manifestation or creation journal can help change your trajectory in life. Keep reading to find out why writing in my creation journal is one of the most important parts of my day!

What is a Manifestation or Creation Journal?

When you want to create a new reality, you can use tools to help you with the process of creating positive energy and scripting future successes. There are several manifestation method tools you can use, including:

  • Reciting affirmations
  • Vision boards
  • Meditation
  • Journaling

In this blog, I’m going to talk about how you can use a journaling prompt to create or manifest what you want in life. Journaling is just one way you can help put your positive thoughts into the universe and bring about change in the physical realm.

How Journaling Can Help with Manifestation

Journaling is a therapeutic act and can help you release your emotions. Manifestation techniques center around focusing your thoughts on new realities and forming positive affirmations that help this occur.

Your journal or manifestation planner should become your safe space to express everything you fear, feel or want. Daily journaling is a manifesting method that helps you recognize when you are in a scarcity mindset versus when you are in an abundance mindset.

How I Write My Creation and Manifestation Journal

I find journaling before I sleep can be really helpful in setting my intentions for the next day. It only takes me five minutes each night to write about what I want to happen tomorrow and set it in my subconscious mind for the night. This one simple habit has helped me create my dream life and have a great day.

Sometimes my goals are extremely specific for the next day and sometimes they are vague. However, I can always be 100% sure that I can manifest what I write down in that journal the night before!

You can either write down those goals as if they are going to happen or you can even write them as if they’ve already happened (in the past tense). The important part is to see your wants and needs as realities for your future.

Carol Tuttle’s LYT Creation Journal

I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted in a journal for manifesting, so I decided to make my own! You can purchase your own Creation Journal for a helpful setup with my guided manifestation journal:

  • Introduction explaining journal use and manifestation journal examples
  • Attraction workbook calendars for recording plans, goals and deadlines
  • Journal prompts encourage you to set a word of the month
  • Places to record your monthly manifestation list
  • Spaces for writing down how you will accomplish each goal
  • Spreads with spaces to prompt energy sketching

I also recommend getting the book Remembering Wholeness to help support your manifestation practice if you don’t already have it! The Creation Journal uses lessons from Remembering Wholeness, so reading that book will help you write a successful attraction journal. You can also give yourself daily positive affirmation reminders to help shift your thinking with my Remembering Wholeness Affirmation Deck.

First Steps for Getting Started on Your Creation Journal

Are you ready to start your own journal to manifest change? It’s not enough to just write every day-you need to journal with intent.

Here are some simple first steps to make sure you get off on the right foot with a creation journal that actually works.

Establish Clear Inspiration

First and foremost, you need to tap into your crown chakra and find inspiration for the future. You might even use your third eye for intuitive suggestions and possibilities. Don’t start journaling until you’ve set some specific intentions for what you want to achieve. The more detailed, the better!

Too often, people don’t stop to set their goals before trying to improve life. However, clear goals help you improve. If you are vague about change, your changes are likely to be all over the place. Set focused goals and keep those in your sights at all times!

Envision the Result

Once you have those goals set in your mind with clear inspiration for the future, it’s time to get focused. Envisioning the results of the change and everything that brings helps you see the path to success. The more details you include in the result-the more you can really feel it-the more likely you are to achieve that reality.

This step helps you energetically align with your new manifestation goals. You need to align your vibrations to the vibrations of what you want. This process will help you start taking the actions to achieve what you want for your future.

Note Your Limiting Beliefs

It might seem counterintuitive to write down your limiting beliefs and challenges-after all, aren’t you supposed to “stay positive?” However, your negative thoughts and vibrations are a reality and you need to get them out of your system. The best way to get rid of your limiting beliefs is to address them in your journaling process.

Write down everything you believe could stop you from succeeding in your goals. Allow your brain to see that you’ve considered all the concerns and objections. Keep a “worry list” of anything that’s bothering you. Allow journaling to let you release anything keeping you stuck.

Acknowledge these concerns-maybe even think them for their role in attempting to keep you safe and grounded. And then, write down mantras that express the opposite truth. If you wrote down the fear, “I don’t think I can stop X,” then write down the counteracting mantra, “I am powerful/smart/strong and I can stop X.”

For every challenge you’ve listed, write down a list of opposite truths you need to realize in order to overcome the hurdles for change.

Start with Small Steps

Don’t start with huge, far-off changes as your goals. It’s really important to see the evidence during your early stages of manifestation.

As you start to realize you can change and control your future, you can get a little more far-sighted. Start out by thinking about what you can change today, tomorrow or this week. As you see small changes succeed, you will start to feel or confident about establishing long-term visions and goals.

Write About Future You

Keep returning to the idea of what you want to see from yourself in the future. Are you financially free? Are you physically strong, fit and active? Do you make friends easily and allow offenses to roll off your back?

Start visualizing who you are and how you move in the future. Consider what you spend your time doing and how you use your energy. How does what you desire for your future change you?

When you can determine how you will be different in the future, you will be able to manifest those changes and start to move towards that reality.

Meditate on Your Goals

It’s very important to spend focused time on your goals. Look at the big picture and play it out in your mind. Use meditation to push away the doubts and distractions of life as you focus on your future.

Practice Gratitude

Finally, make yourself stop and feel gratitude for where you’ve been, where you are now and where you are headed. Even if you’ve faced hardships and challenges, it’s important to be grateful and express it in a gratitude journal.

We are rewarded when we practice gratitude and humility in life. Keeping a practice of gratitude and thankfulness helps our vibrations stay really high. We attract positive things into our lives when we keep a balanced and grateful perspective.

5 Tips to Make Journaling a Daily Habit

One of the hardest things about journaling is making it a daily habit. If you want your creation journal to succeed, you need to make it a regular part of your routine. Here are five steps to make journaling your daily habit like I did!

Schedule a Time for Journaling

Add journaling to your daily schedule. You might journal as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, as soon as your lunch break starts each day or right before bed at night.

Whatever time works for you, it’s important to carve it out and establish it as a routine. If you aren’t already journaling every day, then you should realize you will need to force yourself to complete this task until it feels like a natural part of your day. You only need a few minutes for the journaling part.

Choose a Quiet Place

Pick a time and location where you aren’t going to be disturbed. It will be much harder to journal if you feel distracted and pulled away by other things happening around you at the same time.

Create Ambiance

Make it a whole mood! Think about your setting and how it is either reinforcing your inspiration or limiting beliefs. Make sure you set the scene for success.

Light candles or incense to create ambiance. Play music or gurgling river sounds-whatever helps you focus! Go outside if the weather is nice or choose a clean place within your home to do your journaling. Always tidy up before you start.

Meditate Before Sleeping

No matter when you journal during your day, take a few minutes to meditate on your goals before you go to sleep. Ending your day with a focused moment will help you wake up on the right foot tomorrow. Practice ending your day with gratitude and hope.

Make it Fun!

Make this activity appealing or you will mentally dread doing it every day. At first, the act of manifestation may feel exciting and new. Over time, you will only find journaling to be a habit if it is something you value in your day.

  • Celebrate successes and journaling milestones
  • Enjoy the ambiance of the moment
  • Keep it lighthearted and not dull or dreary
  • Entertain yourself with visualizations
  • Let go of all expectations for how it should look
  • Experiment with meaningful colors

The Takeaway

I know how much journaling has changed my daily life and brought manifestations into reality. I want to help you learn how to wield your pen like a magic wand for your manifestation journey. You can make your dreams come true with the law of attraction and positive thought journaling!

Your journal will become a treasure trove of information and inspiration moving forward. I hope you will join me in this powerful daily habit! Go check out my Creation Journal now and start recording your visions.

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