How To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

There is both positive and negative energy in this world. Not only does energy flow through your body, but it also impacts the environment around you. Energy is in and around EVERYTHING. So, naturally, we should be concerned about the energies within our typical radius—especially the kind of energy in our homes! Positive and negative energies affect us, but our energy can also affect the energies around us!

In a way, it’s like a battle of wills. Whoever is most clear and focused in any setting will have the power to change the energy. So, why is negative energy in your home and how can you remove the negative vibes for good? Keep reading to find out!

How Does Negative Energy Impact the Home?

If your home is cluttered or dirty, what do you do? Clean it! It makes us feel so much better when we are in a clean space. In the same way, the energetic clutter can make your home feel darker, heavier and more stifled.

Your home should be your bubble—your comfort zone. You should feel safe, protected and at peace in your home. If negative energy is allowed to remain in your space, it will continue to affect your thoughts, rest, emotions and feelings.

Negative energy in the home can even block your ability to create abundance. You will struggle to find inspiration or feel motivated. It’s important to know the warning signs of depression and anxiety, since they can be caused by negative energy surrounding you.

Indicative Signs that Your Home Contains Negative Energy

Here are some signs your home may be full of negative energy:

  • Feelings of negativity towards a room (or the whole house)
  • Chronic health problems or lots of illness
  • Repeatedly losing out on good opportunities before they manifest
  • Feelings of unrest or discomfort
  • Struggling with emotions, confusion or feeling drained
  • Unable to focus or get things done
  • Things keep going wrong
  • You can’t keep up with the clutter or dirt
  • Musty or abrasive smells
  • Arguments and vicious cycles in relationships
  • Nightmares or difficulty sleeping
  • Erratic or unpredictable behavior from those in the house
  • Unexplained or illogical things happening in the house

Our energy forms our reality. So, when your energy is off, it will often manifest in physical ways—like increased clutter or increased arguments.

Working from home can increase the opportunities for negative energy to enter your home! Many of us are working remotely, and the stress of our job can creep into our space. At the same time, negative energy (regardless of the cause) can also impact our ability to perform without distraction!

Times When It’s Essential to Clear Your Home’s Energy

There are plenty of times you should automatically clear the energy in your home. Here are some examples of when you should follow my energy-clearing protocol.

After a Bad Day: No matter the reason the day was bad, it’s possible negative energy was contributing to it. A bad day can also bring negative energy into your home.

If You Were Just Sick (or Feel Sick): Illness can carry negative energy with it. Sometimes, your space will keep you stuck in a cycle of sickness.

When You Experience a Breakup: Friendship breakups, family splits, ending business partnerships, calling it quits with your significant other—there are tons of ways to experience a loss of this kind. Clearing the energy after a heartache can help you process and move on.

After a Loss: The grief of death or loss is very real, whether a loved one dies or an opportunity passes you by. There are so many forms of loss, some more intensely felt than others. After a loss, clearing the energy can help you work through your grief.

If You Argue with Your Partner: Arguments are often emotionally charged and stressful. Clearing the air should include clearing the energy as well.

During Life Transitions: Big changes can mean lots of old hurt and burdens that need to go. Clear out the old to make space for the new. Life transitions could include job changes, moving, new pets, new babies, becoming empty nesters, entering retirement, etc.

When the Kids are Difficult: Whether they are infants, toddlers, teens or adults, if your children are making things hard, you are going to experience a lot of stress. Children aren’t always easy, and they certainly don’t come with a manual! But you can start fresh each day. Clear the energy in your home if you had a rough day, week, month or year!

When You are Overly Stressed: If life gets too busy, demanding or hectic, our clarity is often the first thing to go. Reset your energy and look for ways to simplify your life. Clearing the energy can help you refocus on the things that matter most in your life.

Probable Causes of Negative Energy in Your Home

So, what causes negative energy? Here are some of the most common things that will bring negative energy into your home.

  • Vastu Doshas (spatial and construction anomalies)
  • Keeping your home unclean
  • Clutter or disorganization in the home
  • Keeping unused, broken or damaged things
  • Holding onto things from people who don’t like us
  • Unhealthy relationships (abusecodependencytoxicity)

Everything from the dwelling construction (Vastu doshas) to the lifestyle choices we make can impact the energy in our space.

Our homes need to be organized and designed to support a healthy mind, body and spirit. While clearing the energy is the first step towards balance, we also need to set up the space in a way that encourages healthy relationships, creativity and productivity.

How to Remove Negative Energy from Your Home

It can be very difficult to know exactly what is causing the negative energy when you first realize there is a problem. By trying these tactics, you should be able to clear the energy for a fresh start. If something continues to reoccur (like clutter), then you may be able to pinpoint a deeper problem that is causing the cycle of bad vibes and negative emotions.

Set a New Intention

Give your home a new intention and repeat the positive affirmation when negative thoughts try to creep in. “I am grateful my home is a happy place to be. I love my home, and I love that my home is filled with love.”

Air Everything Out

Fresh air and sunlight can help with clearing bad energy. Open a few windows, even if it’s only for a few minutes due to the extreme cold or heat outside! If it’s a nice day, open up the windows and turn on the fans to get the stale air out!

Burn Incense

For ages, incense has been used to create a positive atmosphere. The Old Testament has very clear records on what kinds of incense were used in the temple. Proverbs 27:9 says, “Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart, and the pleasantness of a friend springs from their heartfelt advice.” Frankincense and myrrh are often incense sticks used for clearing stagnant energy.

Repair or Remove Broken Things

Stop holding onto things that have no value in their current state. Either get them fixed or get them out of your home. A buildup of these kinds of projects causes unrest in the home.

Remove Trash and Clutter

When trying to tidy the home, always start by throwing out all trash. That is typically a simple task and doesn’t require sorting or decision-making. Removing the clutter can be harder but needs to happen as soon as possible. Clutter will take your energy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, whether you know it or not.

Spray or Diffuse Essential Oils

Essential oils can help calm the body through aromatherapy. Use my I am calm essential oil blend to reset the energy of your space.

Smudge Your Home with White Sage

Burning sage can also remove bad energy. Light the sage bundle and then blow out the flame, allowing the cleansing smoke to clear your home. Start at the door and work around the house in a clockwise direction to remove negative energy for a whole-house cleansing.

Use Crystals and Gemstones

Black tourmaline can be useful for energy cleansing, while rose quartz replaces negative vibes with positive vibes. A clear quartz crystal can also offer purifying powers.

Hang Bells or Chimes

Ring a bell in each corner of the room and the doorway of the affected space to remove unwanted energy. You can also hang wind chimes to help chase away negative energies.

Use Yellow and Neutral Colors

Yellow neutralizes negative energies and naturally makes us feel warm and happy. Avoid dark or bold colors that tend to create a stifling atmosphere. Instead, decorate with light, neutral colors. Choose colors for the decor accents that make you feel happy and inspired.

Add Sea Salt to the Corners of the Room

Salt can absorb negative energy. Pour salt into each corner of the room or house. Let it sit 48 hours before vacuuming or sweeping up the salt to be thrown away.

Remove Sharp Corners

Angles and sharp edges can spark feelings of danger, provoking a subconscious response of stress. Replace sharp corners and edges with circular shapes. Lamps, vases, gemstones, bowls, pots and tables are examples of objects that can easily be circular, promoting a relaxing environment.

Increase the Mirrors in Your Home

Mirrors (especially circular mirrors) can promote positive energy (or chi). They can be placed to counterbalance the negative vibrations that may be caused by construction defects. So, hang them throughout your house.

Protect Your Entrances

Purify your doors and windows with sage or saltwater. You can also wipe down these surfaces with a mixture of lemon juice, saltwater and vinegar to clean and refresh. Poor sea salt under your doormats to stop the negative energy from entering your space. Salt lamps can also be used to absorb negative vibrations residing in the home.

Visualize Change with Energy Sketching

Actively create what you want through a visualization exercise. Sketch out a rough drawing of the room, space or house that you want to clear. Draw beams of light coming down on that space and angels. You are connecting with the divine in this process and asking for help. You can accompany your energy sketching with prayer, repeating your new intention (tip #1).

Don’t feel like you need to be an artist to do this! I sketch in stick figures and lines—it doesn’t have to look accurate, but you do need to FULLY focus on your intention and visualization.

The Bottom Line

Don’t feel like you need to reserve energy clearing for only special occasions or when things get “really bad.” Make this a regular part of your routine! Just like you spend time sweeping, wiping down surfaces and dusting each week, you can use these practices to clear negative energy before it has a chance to settle. This practice will help you feel lighter, brighter and more inspired in your day-to-day activities.

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