How to Avoid Global Hysteria While Staying Healthy & Confident

A better way to handle the virus and the fear

We’ve all lived through the bird flu, swine flu, SARS, Ebola and most recently, we’re dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

I agree, this feels like a new level of concern and I am taking it seriously. As we move through this experience, it’s important to check in with ourselves to stay balanced and clear, rather than get caught up in the collective energy of hysteria.

First, it’s normal to feel scared and uncertain. As you are honest with yourself, you’re now able to choose to clear that energy and allow a feeling of peace and calm to guide you.

Take a moment and notice your state of mind and feeling when you think about this virus. Where are you on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being aware and confident, to 5 being scared and altering your choices as a result?

I would put myself at a 2! But it was at a 5 a few days ago with how fast everything was escalating.

Staying informed and in a place of faith to be lead by intuition is the best practice to keep yourself and your family healthy and safe.

A simple technique to shift from fear to calm

Temporal tapping is an easy-to-use technique that can help you shift from fear to calm. Use it yourself as many times as you need to, and teach your children to use it.

While tapping up and over your left ear, repeat phrases that acknowledge your fear.

“I am scared right now.”
“I don’t like this.”
“I feel so powerless.”
“I don’t know what to do.”
“Why is this happening?”

As you tap up and over your left ear, your logical mind feels honored that you are accounting for what is real in your life in this moment.

To shift the energy, tap up and over your right ear as you repeat phrases that acknowledge the energy you now choose to be in.

“I am safe.”
“I am safe.”
“I am making wise choices.”
“My family is safe.”
“I am guided and supported at this time.”
“I am grateful for the new calm I feel.”

As you tap up and over your right ear, your intuitive mind is activated to open your energy centers to truth and light and anchor it in your personal energy system.

Try it right now and notice the shift.

How to stay confident when hysteria takes over

Do I ignore the threat of the coronavirus? No, yet I chose to follow inspired action rather than fear in my choices. Do I wash my hands a little more? Yes. Am I glad I didn’t book that trip to Shanghai that my husband and I were considering a few months okay? Yes. (I believe that was inspired action.)

In my book, The Modern Chakra Guide, I share:

“The first thing to notice when making a decision is if your decision is provoked by fear, guilt, shame, or an effort to prevent something you don’t want. Your intuition does not talk to you in terms of, “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not worthy,” “I’m not ready or prepared,” “What if I fail?” “What if I succeed?” or “What if I humiliate myself?” Any decision made out of fear or doubt is usually never a good decision. Intuition speaks to us in the positive, even if it’s a warning of some kind. The language of our intuition is a language of love, not self-doubt. When you listen to your intuition you should feel empowered, rather than scared or worried.”

As we stay in a place of faith and positive belief, we attract to us what supports our well-being. Fear only attracts what we don’t want.

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How to rise above the chaos of the world

Allow me to help you focus your energy on something that will greatly benefit your health and your life.

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