How to End Your Battle with Pain—Starting With Your Language

How the words you use create unhealthy experiences

Do these phrases sound familiar?

I’m battling with pain.
I feel like I’m at war with my body.
I’m fighting cancer.
I’m struggling with pain.
We’re fighting a war with drugs.”

Our culture has accepted these phrases as normal, but here’s why they’re doing more harm than good!

Words create your experience.

All words hold vibrations, and what you focus on, you feed energy to.

In my book Mastering Affluence I share:

“Violent metaphors that include words like fight, battle, and war are common in reference to disease and illness. We have adapted to this language and use it readily and frequently.

You can see how using violent references will create interference that inhibits your body’s capacity to heal. Your language adds to the experience of lack, pain, and struggle at the physical level.

It may inspire your mind to “win the fight,” yet your body will be more powerfully aided by using positive metaphors that align you with the energy of affluence, joy, and ease.

Positive thoughts, positive words, positive outcomes.

Your body is listening to you, so empower your body with phrases like:

  • I am healing my pain
  • I am knowing what will support my body in getting well
  • I am healing cancer
  • I am feeling peace and encouragement in spite of my pain
  • We are succeeding in changing the drug culture for the better

What are some of your most often used phrases that are subjecting your body to more lack, pain, and struggle energy?

How will you start to substitute one of those phrases for one of peace and ease?

You can change your beliefs about pain and illness.

It’s to feel defeated by the experience of pain.

I personally understand the emotional and physiological toll pain has when it’s a daily experience. It was the days that I felt the most defeated and exhausted from feeling chronic pain for over 5 years that I knew I needed to believe healing was possible more than ever.

It was at those times, I pulled out my affirmation cheat sheet I had made for myself and used my Energy Circle Creation Technique to shift the energy to a positive state.

Healing is possible for you, too.

In The Carol Tuttle Energy Healing Center, I’ve put together a 3-week Healing Plan for Disease and Illness. Included are my top 30 affirmations to create a healthy body to help you shift your thoughts and language so your body hears the positive from you.

You’re invited to join me for my group supported I truly look forward to hearing about the life-changing experiences you will have.

Join me September 16 – October 4 for my group supported Healing Plan for Disease and Illness.

I will teach you how to create the healthy body you long for. I never thought I would say this, but I am grateful for the pain I have lived with, as it has taught me how to heal above and beyond what I thought was possible.

Now I can now teach you how to create that, too.

Join the Healing Center now!

Bless you,

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