How to Succeed at Work as an Introvert

Use the introvert power you already have to succeed in this world

As an introvert, success at work will come for you when you accept that you don’t have to be an extrovert! Instead, focus on being receptive to the energy that flows naturally to you, and take time to process it at your own pace.

Have you, like millions of others, been misled by the idea that only extroverts can be great leaders and managers? No one can blame you if you have. After all, it’s a message that’s shouted loud and clear every time we look at a screen.

Outgoing celebrities and CEOs are everywhere, talking about their hectic social schedules with apparently endless enthusiasm and energy. We even seem to pick world leaders based on their public speaking ability and desire to shake hands.

So, what happens if this doesn’t come naturally to you? Do you have to break free of that comfort zone and strive for extroversion?

The great news is, there’s absolutely no need to change your personality type and who you are. In fact, when you can get beyond the belief that you need to be an extrovert, introversion can become something of a superpower – and I can show you one key step that will help you unlock that power at work.

Are you an introvert?

Despite that fact that 44% of Americans consider themselves introverts, it’s rarely a badge that people wear with pride. Instead, introverts focus on what they’re not, and comparing yourself to high profile extroverts can be truly damaging.

Instead of thinking about apparent missing skills or talents, it’s useful to think about what introverts prefer:

Thinking and researching

Introverts tend to favor making decisions after some time to consider all aspects of the subject at hand.

Easy on the socializing

Although many introverts enjoy socializing, they might prefer to keep it brief or to avoid filling their schedule too much.

Your own space

Many introverts enjoy alone time and their own company, so the idea of reading, researching, reflecting, or being creative might appeal more than calling a meeting or inviting people over.

Peace and quiet required

Looking to get a lot done? An introvert will almost always work better with peace and quiet.

No distractions

Often excelling at complex problems that require a lot of detail, introverts tend to work better alone and without distractions.

One-on-one is best

While group discussion and small talk might feel uncomfortable, one-on-one conversations can be incredibly rewarding and deep.

Sound Familiar?

If a few of those traits sound like you, then there’s a good chance you’re an introvert. You may have considered these things to be negative in the past, especially if you’ve decided or been told that you’re “not a team player” or you need to “get more involved,” and so on.

The truth is, introverts are no better or worse than the extroverts, you simply have different preferences and different talents. In fact, introverted leaders bring a host of skills to the workplace that extroverted leaders often struggle to attain.

Introverts in the Workplace

A good team is likely to need a balance of different people and personality types, so it’s worth understanding what an introvert brings to the workplace. Everyone’s a little different of course, but generally, introverts will:

  • Make very good listeners
  • Think carefully before they speak
  • Possess better than average observation skills
  • Build strong relationships
  • Display compassion for fellow team members and customers
  • When an introvert becomes a leader, those skills continue, and introverts tend to:
  • Find motivation in productivity and excellent service rather than raw ambition
  • Build strong and meaningful connections with employees and other managers often because they’re such great listeners
  • Maintain a strong focus – even if that means working away from distractions after hours
  • Research deeply and find lasting solutions to problems instead of working in haste

So, next time you feel inadequate because the extroverts around you seem to be making a big impact and making their presence felt, try not to panic. After all, who wouldn’t want these outstanding traits in their business?

Finding Success as an Introvert

There’s a vitally important hurdle that all introverts need to overcome before they strive for success in the workplace.

That hurdle? 


Even if it’s subliminally, if you think being an introvert means you come up short of what’s required, it can crush your self-esteem. You may have even worked for a boss that doesn’t understand how to get the most from an introvert. In fact, it’s generally accepted that the world has a cultural bias towards extroverts. As a result, many introverts aren’t just working around their own preferences; they’re also dealing with the idea that they’re simply not designed for success in the workplace.

Introverted people often try to address this problem in one of two ways: you may try to emulate your extroverted counterparts and burn yourself out, or you feel you’re not cut out for the role and give yourself your own glass ceiling that limits your potential.

It makes me so sad to think that there are incredible introverts out there that don’t acknowledge their own enormous range of unique skills! If this feels like it could be you, I encourage you to quickly get over to my online Healing Center and sign up for a free trial. When you do, make sure you explore the Clearing Session for Low Self-Esteem. This is so important, because you’re talented enough for success exactly as you are, but when you’ve been living contrary to your nature and your energy flow, you’ll think you’re the problem, and your self-esteem can carry these wounds.

The Secret to Success for Introverts

The real life-changing secret to success if you’re an introvert in the workplace has all to do with how extroverts and introverts handle energy differently and learning to work with that.

When it comes to introverts and extroverts, it’s useful to think about the similarity with the words inhale and exhale. Extroverts start on that outward breath of energy; they radiate energy and action often begins with them. On the other hand, introverts draw energy in before releasing their positive energy on the subsequent ‘outward’ breath.

As an introvert, positive energy will find you. Extroverts have to work hard at this, but for you, energy will seek you out. When you absorb that energy, you can apply your own personal talents, multiplying this energy and sending it back into the workplace.

The key to success is taking just a little bit of time to acknowledge this every day. Take just a minute to repeat this affirmation:

“I am flowing into my life what is timely and correct for me.”

When you stop trying to seek extrovert success, the absolute right kind of success will be drawn to you, you simply have to open your awareness and let it happen.

Successful Introverts

When the kind of success that’s right for you begins to find you, people might assume that you’ve gone out there (in true extrovert fashion) and sought it out. In truth, you don’t need to do this, and there are plenty of incredibly successful people in the public eye that have embraced their introversion in the way I’ve explained, including:

  • Susan Cain: Author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking
  • Bill Gates: Billionaire philanthropist and founder of Microsoft
  • J.K. Rowling: Author of the Harry Potter series of books
  • Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of social media platform Facebook
  • Warren Buffet: Business magnate, investor, and philanthropist
  • Elon Musk: Founder of Tesla vehicles and SpaceX

You might look at this list and consider these people to be go-getting extroverts, but they’re not. None of the people on this list would be the loudest or boldest in any room. Instead, these are people who have worked with the skills they have to amplify the energy the world has sent their way.

The best part is, you can do exactly the same.

Remember though, it all starts with accepting that you don’t have to be the extrovert. If this doesn’t sit well with you right now, I encourage you to explore the free trial I’ve created in my Healing Center  and go through the clearing exercises and energy healing techniques you’ll find inside.

When you become comfortable with your incredible and unique set of introvert qualities, the success you deserve at work will flow to you in abundance.


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