Why You Still Have Moments of Emotional Immaturity

How to grow up emotionally & heal your inner child

For the majority of the time, you go about your life making rational, mature decisions.

But sometimes, you get triggered by an event or by what someone said, and you find yourself acting like, well, a child.

This can be embarrassing and also confusing to you. You don’t know how to fix it because it feels so automatic when you slip into these behaviors. Why does this happen?

Why you still have immature tendencies

It’s easy to think that once we become adults, immature tendencies just naturally go away—but it’s not as simple as that. I’m sure many of us can agree that age alone isn’t a guarantee that people will behave in healthy ways at all times. Bursts of anger, cutting remarks, and codependent patterns are all signs that healing is still needed.

It’s not about the number of years someone lives—it’s about what happens during the younger years that determines one’s maturity level.

During each stage of your childhood, you needed to experience and receive specific things from your parents and caregivers in order for your brain to develop properly. Not only does this affect your biology, but it also impacts your understanding of the world and of yourself.

If you weren’t given what you needed at any given stage, your psyche could be stuck there!

What “being stuck” looks like to your brain

For example, in your early infancy, you needed to learn about trust. If your caregivers were attentive, loving, and meeting your needs, you learned that the world is a safe place and that you would be taken care of.

As a result of your caretakers’ consistent and responsive care, you now feel hope and know that you are connected to others.

However, if your care was inconsistent, dismissive, or absent at times, you experience a sense of insecurity. This applies to how you view the world, others, and even yourself. You tend to mistrust people, situations, and it’s difficult for you to know yourself because you don’t even trust yourself!

When children aren’t given what they need, they lack confidence and a healthy level of self-esteem.

How to grow yourself up emotionally

In The Carol Tuttle Healing Center, I created the Healing Plan for Childhood Wounding, which is one of my most popular plans as it gets to the root of many issues we face as adults.

One of the sessions in this particular plan is the Visualization to Grow Yourself Up Emotionally.

This visualization will help you integrate all of the energies of your emotional self between birth and your teen years. These were the years you were the most vulnerable to either learning to accept and express your emotional self, or to deny and repress your emotional self.

Doing this visualization will help you reset your emotional energy to allow you to feel safe and confident in feeling and expressing what emotion is true for you.

This visualization is perfect for you if you’re experiencing…

  • Fear about expressing who you are
  • An urge to heal your inner child
  • Moments of emotional immaturity
  • A hunch that you’ve denied parts of yourself

When my Healing Center members go through this visualization, they experience feeling fully safe to be themselves as they heal their inner child. They’re able to better express themselves with wisdom and grace as they re-connect with themselves at all ages.

Here’s what Sarah shared: “The Visualization to Grow Yourself Up Emotionally is a fave. Listening again today, the reality of how I don’t have to do anything to be loved – because I was born, and the spiritual ramifications of this truth really hit me. I’d been taught any attention or affection was a reward from my parents for compliance. A paradigm I don’t have to accept or emulate because it’s simply not a truth. It’s been interesting seeing how letting this pattern go affects my relationships with my kids. It’s not perfect, but I’m gaining a better perspective, in my opinion.”

This healing plan takes you through a two-week journey to get to the roots of your challenging emotions and clear them at a deep level. If you’re not yet a member, you can start your 14-day free trial right now!

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