2 Steps To Calm Chest Pain Anxiety

I know that feeling. The tightness in your chest, you feel like the world’s closing in on you. Your pressure is coming on. Your breathing is very shallow and you feel anxious and you just can’t move forward. You’re stuck in this nervous, anxious feeling. I remember laying on my floor and feeling this way, and I couldn’t breathe. It was hard to get my breath. I felt overwhelmed. I couldn’t move forward. It’s paralysis. And I remember saying to my husband, I can’t do this. A year and a half ago with apnea, I can’t. I cannot move forward. I’m Carol Tuttle. I have extensive experience healing my own life and helping literally millions of people heal and create lives they love. I’m a bestselling author. I’m a healer and a teacher, and most recently my bestselling book, “Mastering Affluence, Six Lessons to Create a Life You Love,” has been released.

Think of a time in your life, recent when anxiety to cover and you felt that chest pain anxiety. Just bring it to mind. You felt anxious, you had a hard time breathing. You felt that closing in sensation. You felt a paralysis that you just were stuck in this place that was overwhelming, and notice the primary feeling it brought up for you, powerless. You felt powerless to it. It’s the anxiety took over that moment of your life, and the anxiety had more power than you. You became that anxiety. I understand that. I experienced it too many times, and I became very proactive in believing I could heal it.

And these two techniques are going to help switch this out for you. It may happen immediately for you. You may have immediate, magnificent, miraculous results because of this. It may take some practice. I’ve learned that anxiety becomes a habit of the body. It triggers literally a biochemical response when certain scenarios play out that become the reference point. It’s a pattern that develops. Certain things trigger the anxiety.

Understanding The Triggers

That’s a first step is to notice what triggers it and to make healthy choices to support you in staying free of those triggers. To give you some space to retrain your body, your emotion, and your mind, because they’re all working together at this moment. They’re all working together to either add to it or shift it and help it calm down.

And so that’s Kinda the fork in the road. You’ve got…let’s just imagine the anxiety comes on, okay. You can reflect on that and know because it’s anybody sensation is a body memory and you can draw upon that memory and you know, yeah, you know what that feels like. And so you have a choice in that moment. It’s a very quick choice. But you’re gonna make a different choice because you either can choose to let the anxiety become you, by just fearing it, you know, just going on letting it take over. Or your other choice, which I’m going to invite you to choose today, is to be an observer of it, to notice it, to be okay with it. To go, “I’m having anxiety in my chest right now.” “I’m feeling like I’m not able to breathe fully. I’m noticing, I’m feeling quite paralyzed.” These thoughts and awarenesses will move very quickly. Just so you’re watching it, you’re observing it, okay?

Technique #1

Now you’re in a different position because you’re observing this energy, this state of being. Now, these two steps in that place of awareness are going to help shift the energy. Put your hand on your chest, do it with me right now. I want you to take five deep, clear and intentional breaths. While you’re thinking this statement, “I am safe no matter what happens,” because the deeper belief that’s running is, I’m not safe. And whatever triggers your chest pain anxiety, that’s a deeper belief that’s really driving it. So five deep, clear, intentional breathes, while thinking, “I am safe no matter what happens,” because the honest truth is, you are. You are.

So, five breathes with me. Remember what you’re thinking. “I am safe, no matter what happens.” Keep thinking that with each breath. Really feel your chest cavity fill up, open it up. Two more. Keep thinking, “I’m safe no matter what happens.” One more deep, full intentional breath.

Technique #2

Second step, place your hand on your forehead. We’re going to get the blood rushing to the forefront of the brain. Your frontal lobe. That’s your more reasonable aware mind. Your survival mind is the backside. Sort of the ancient mind that’s like fear, struggle. Oh no, is the back side of the brain. You want to, you can even take and press with your fingertips or a firm palm handplant on it. You just want to press. It’s acupressure, bringing blood to the forefront of your brain. And while you’re pressing on your brain, “I’m open and I am safe.” This is what you’re thinking. “I am open and I am safe. Everything is under control. I am open and I am safe. Everything is under control.” One more time. “I am open. I am safe. Everything is under control.”

Now, you know how a dog shakes off water? I want you to pretend you can do that, do it as best you can. I want you to shake the energy off your body, and get up and walk around. We want to go like this when we feel this chest pain anxiety. You want to close in, hunker down, and disappear, and you’re wanting to open like a blossom like, “I’m safe. I’m open, I’m opening the energy.” So shake it off and an open. Use those techniques, you’re gonna see a miraculous shift and this anxiety is going to completely 100% subside at some point. I trust that. You’re meant to live the fullness of your life feeling you’re in control. You’re free to move forward. You’re safe. I want that for you.

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