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Create Your Dream Job Using The Law Of Attraction

This technique takes 90 seconds to shift your job experience

On a scale from 1-10, how much do you love your job? Do you wish something were different but don’t know how to change it? I’m going to teach you how to use the Law of Attraction to create the job of your dreams. So get ready, because when you apply this simple, 90-second technique, it will show up! Watch this video to find out how.

Video Transcript

Loving what you do for work is very important because you spend a lot of time doing it. Today, I’m going to teach you how to use the law of attraction to create that dream job, and you might be surprised about how it shows up. Get ready, it will when you apply these techniques.

Hi, I’m Carol Tuttle. I’m the author of six books. I’m the creator of where you can flip your life in a matter of months with the healing plans that I have outlined for you there. I’m an expert at natural healing. I know how to teach you to connect with and access the potency of your healing energies within your own being. What you want wants you, and I’m going to help you help that bring into manifestation.

So let’s talk about your dream job. You know, whether you’re in a profession that you love or not, you go to work. Let’s just say you go to work. It’s your job. It’s your profession, whatever you call it. Let’s now just assume you’re watching this because either you want to make it more of your dream job or you’re in a position to create something better for yourself. That’s great. Good for you to know what you want. You know, maybe you don’t know what you want specifically but you know what you don’t want with what you’re currently experiencing. That’s typically how we know there’s something better for us. We’re uncomfortable or we are dissatisfied with our current experience.

So, think of a job that you’re in right now or your profession. How are you feeling about it? If you were to rate it on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being “I love it”, 1 being “I can’t stand it”, where would you rate your job experience? I could give mine. You know, it’s an 8, 9, 10 all the time because I love what I do. But it isn’t because somebody gave it to me or created it for me. I created it. And you’re actually creating your current experience. I teach this in my book “Mastering Affluence”. We’re actually oriented to experience a certain amount of struggle in our lives that we can actually change. We are willing to compromise too many things in our day-to-day life that we don’t have to anymore. And so in “Mastering Affluence”, I teach you how to create that affluent life on every level with every experience. And it does start with noticing what you don’t love about your life.

So the first step in knowing how to create your dream job using the law of attraction is to first identify what you don’t like about your current experience. So, I did this as if I were one of you watching this, and let’s just start with three things. So, take a moment, turn the video off for a second, and I want you to write three things that you don’t like about your current experience, your current job. You can even finish the sentence, “What I don’t like about my current job is…” Okay? So pause the video and finish those three sentences.

Okay, so I mocked up three of my own, and I wrote…and these aren’t true to me. I’m just showing you the example. “I don’t like the people I work with.” Okay, that may be your experience. You don’t get excited about…you don’t get along with them, maybe feel judged by then. They don’t listen to you. It’s a negative environment. You’re getting more positive in your life. You don’t like the things people talk about. Or, the second one is, “I don’t like my current job because I’m bored with what I do. So now I put I am bored with what I do. It’s repetitive. It’s not really helping me develop any new skills or talents. I don’t look forward to it.” Okay, and the third one I wrote was, “I don’t make as much money as I want.” How many of you wrote that one?

Okay, so now you know what you don’t want. Now, notice when you go to work, when you’re in your job experience, how often you’re feeling all of this because it’s important to understand with the law of attraction and how it functions is whatever we’re energetically putting our attention on, the more we give power to it. And so let’s just say this is…you’ve been doing this. You feel this a lot. You think about it and you feel it. Those are the two power engines that feed the law of attraction. The motion that we flow into the world and the thought we project. That’s what’s putting the signal that we’re putting out.

So how much of your energy is on these don’t wants? Now this is where the trick comes into play, and you have to almost trick your reality. You’ve got to start believing you’re already in it. You’re already in the reality you desire. And so you’re, in your current experience, need to start pretending as if you have your dream job. And so how do you that? Well, you’re going to take each one of these three you’ve written. Now I want you to pause the video again, and I want you to write the experience as if you were getting what you want. So you’re just basically writing the opposite. Okay? So, pause the video and write the opposite and finish the sentence, “I am grateful I’m experiencing…” and write the opposite of what you wrote.

Great. Now, you’ve got your attention on what you want. And as you give your thoughts and feelings to those wants and desires, it can start to form in your life. So in this case, I don’t like the people I work with. I could switch that to, “I’m grateful that I love the people I work with. I look forward to spending time with them every time I go to work.” “I am bored with what I do.” I can switch that to, “I am so grateful for the experiences I have in my job. They really draw on my talents and skills and help me grow. I’m valued for my contribution.” The third one, “I don’t make as much money as I want.” “I am grateful my income is increasing with the job that I love. My dream job pays me very, very well.”

Okay? Yeah, once you have that stated, even if you spent 90 seconds putting your attention on this and your thoughts and your feelings, right in your current workspace, you’re going to start morphing your reality. And it’s going to show up in one of two ways. Either your job, the one you currently have is going to morph to create this experience, you’re going to see people changing. You’re going to see your responsibilities coming to life. You’re going to see pay increases. It’s fascinating to me that you don’t even have to go do something else. It was your previous don’t want attitude and energy expression that was keeping it from changing.

So, wouldn’t that be phenomenal to witness? “I wonder how my current job’s going to morph to become my dream job,” or something else is going to show up for you. It’s going to manifest into your experience, and you’re going to notice it and be moved to follow through on acting on the steps that will allow it to become your experience. And so you don’t have to worry about the how is it going to happen. Yours is the why it’s happening behind it. You’re creating the power, the cause that influences the effect.

So, 90 seconds. All you’ve got to do is put the timer on your smartphone or tablet and just put your attention on the wants. What’s it feel like to have your dream job? Write down a bunch of feelings. I’m feeling satisfied. I’m feeling happy. I’m really enjoying this. It’s very fulfilling. What are the thoughts that you’re thinking if you were to be telling somebody about how great your job is. You know what it’s like to tell somebody how your job is lousy. What would be your conversation with somebody? If you can’t hold 90 seconds, try 45. Even if you hold 30 seconds, you’re putting in a different cause to create a different outcome. You’re putting a different signal into the space of your reality. That’s how the law of attraction works, it responds to you.

I’m excited to hear your updates about how your dream job is materializing. Come back and share in a comment, your success, your progress, and what you’re noticing that’s changing for the better because you’re the one choosing to change it.

Thanks for subscribing to my channel and for sharing in a comment, your aha, your insight, or a question you might have for me. Go to and start to heal at that deeper level so you’re really free to become a powerful creator in your life, because you’re no longer carrying the energy of your past that causes interference. I’m there for you in a big way to make a big change fast.

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