Money Quiz: Most Common Answers! How Does Your 2020 Score Compare?

Do you attract or block money? Find out here.

You either attract money into your life or you block it—every single day!

The Money Magnet Quiz shows you how much you do of each. (Didn’t get your score? Take the quiz here.)

Now that more than 50,000 people have taken the quiz since last week, you can see how your own score stacks up. Along with the answers, I’ll share some quick tips, resources, and affirmations to help you boost your score.

Most Common Responses to the Money Magnet Quiz

For every quiz question, there are 4 possible answers:

Never | Sometimes | Often | Always

Let’s see the most common answers for all 12 questions in the quiz…

1. I keep more than $20 in my wallet or purse.

  • Most common answer: SOMETIMES (40.9%)

Twenty dollars is not very much money, relatively speaking. If you’re only carrying $20 some of the time, your physical connection with money will be weak. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Carry $100 cash in your wallet! When you read that, which worries come up for you? Those worries are blocking money!

2. I have $1000 or more of debt

  • Most common answer: ALWAYS (35.8%)

Always! Wow! Always owing money puts you in an energy of scarcity, of feeling like you can’t catch up. If this is your experience, listen to the shifts my husband and I made to clear away $45,000 of credit card debt.

3. I have at least $5,000 in savings

  • Most common answer: NEVER (36.8%)

“Never” might not surprise you—but it surprised me. Accumulation is an important part of being a money magnet. As part of my free Money Masterclass, I’m releasing a free bonus video soon: The Real Reason You Can’t Seem to Save Money. If you already signed up for the masterclass, look for it in your inbox on April 30!

4. I feel anxious, afraid, or angry when I pay for things

  • Most common answer: SOMETIMES (52.2%)

More than half of quiz-takers feel this way. That’s a lot of anxiety! Think of the next big purchase you plan to make. Is it stressing you out? Take a deep breath and say out loud, “I’m grateful that money always supports me.”

5. I often say or think, “I can’t afford that”

  • Most common answer: SOMETIMES (50.6%)

This is a phrase I’ve cut from my life completely. I recommend you do, too! Instead of saying, “I can’t afford that,” try saying, “I can afford to believe in it, and I am allowing money to show up for me.”

(What surprises me most about this question is that the second most popular answer is “Often” at 31.6%. In other words, 82% of people who took this quiz are hearing sometimes or often that they can’t afford things. Let’s stop telling this story and open up to the possibilities!)

6. I want to do more good in the world, but I don’t have the money

  • Most common answer: SOMETIMES (37%)

I’m glad to know so many people want to do more good! (29% said Often, and 18% said Always.) Remember that money is a neutral resource, neither good nor bad. You can choose to do a lot of good with it.

7. I resent rich people—especially when they spend frivolously while others have less.

  • Most common answer: NEVER (49.7%)

This is great news! Envy doesn’t accomplish anything useful and it’s a huge abundance blocker. Kudos to those who don’t have this habit. (For the 38% of quiz takers who said they sometimes resent rich people, let the envy go!)

8. My partner and I disagree or argue about money.

  • Most common answer: SOMETIMES (44.1%)

If you’re in this category, you’re not alone. Money is one of the top conflicts in marriage. My 30-Day Money Cure course devotes an entire week to resolving couple issues and becoming a money magnet partnership!

9. When my children ask for something, I say, “We can’t afford that.”

  • Most common answer: SOMETIMES (50.5%)

If you’ve ever given this answer, you’re in the majority. Join the minority and help your children become money magnets! An alternative phrase: “I’m not going to buy that because I choose to use that money for ____ right now.”

(I was happy to see “Never” come in at 34%. Some of you have been listening to my parenting tips!)

10. I feel like I just can’t get ahead financially.

  • Most common answer: SOMETIMES (41.3%)
  • Often (23%), Always (15%)

All money issues are energetic, but this one especially. It doesn’t matter how many dollars you have if you feel left behind. Looks like so many people feel that way! Right now is the most powerful moment of change, and gratitude is one of the highest vibrations. Ask yourself: What am I grateful for in my current situation?

11. I pay my credit card bills off every month because I have enough.

  • Most common answer: ALWAYS (42%)

The common answer here makes me want to cheer! If you don’t currently pay off your credit card bill, set an intention to do so.

12. I feel angry that I have to work so hard for money.

  • Most common answer: NEVER (44.3%)

The majority answer here feels refreshing. Although anger can contain useful information, it’s also a lower vibration that can keep you stuck.

What score do the most common answers get?

If you take the quiz with the most common answers, this is your score:

60 out of 100 isn’t terrible. But there’s plenty of room to attract more money! If you want to clear up your money issues and enjoy the choices that more money will give you, I invite you to join me for the 30-Day Money Cure.

Registration for this live, online experience is only open until May 18th and then it’s closed for good. Plus, if you’re a Healing Center member already, you’ll get 30% off the full price!

It’s time. Register for The 30-Day Money Cure today.


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