The #1 Issue That Keeps People From Flowing More Money  

Are you struggling with money?

If you’ve been following my work, then you know I address how to attract affluence—including attracting wealth.

There are a lot of people out there who are hurting because they don’t have the money to live in the way that is best for them or their family. When you are restricted on what you can eat, how you can dress or where you can live, then money starts to hold you hostage. If you are enslaved to your debts, you won’t experience the true freedom that comes with the right perspective about money. The number one issue that stops people from flowing more money all boils down to what they believe about money.

Money is a neutral resource. Its energy source is neutral. What we believe about money is what it becomes in our life. This is why the love of money is the root of all evil. It isn’t money itself that is evil, but it is the “love” or worship of money that makes it evil.

I used to struggle with money. We had a lot more money going out than we had coming in. I dislike budgets or tracking my money—that doesn’t come naturally to me. I make good spending decisions, and I am a good steward of my money. But, when you have a shortage coming in, you are limited in what you can do and you will undoubtedly rack up debts.

Those debts are expensive. You end up paying high percentages that add to your purchase price. Every expense, from groceries to gas, becomes more expensive because you have to borrow the money you are spending.

I knew if I was able to bring in more money than we put out, I wouldn’t have to budget. I knew I could achieve the freedom that allowed me to spend as I saw fit—including being generous towards others. And, I was able to make that work for me.

But first, I had to change my mindset on wealth and money.

The Mindset Block

One of the biggest things I see with people who come to me is a block when it comes to money. It is very difficult to grow money and reach freedom when you have a mental block about it. These blocks are typically ingrained in us from early childhood. They often come from a place of over-zealous religion, parental example or scarcity.

I want you to clear your mindset and see money for what it is: a neutral tool. So, let’s walk through the common mindset problems.

“I see money as a dangerous threat.”

First, there is the common misconception that money is evil. Because our parents want to protect us, they may have instilled a mindset that you need to have kind of a “hate-hate” relationship with money; you need money to survive in this world, but you should never have more than the bare minimum of what you need.

This is adding a hedge around the real pitfall—the love of money. While your parents or church may have had the best of intentions, they are adding to what the Bible says.

Money itself is not an evil thing. When God blessed individuals or the nation of Israel in the Old Testament, his blessing came with abundant wealth and affluence. Of course, the lack of wealth or affluence doesn’t mean God isn’t blessing you—but I want you to realize that God didn’t approach money as a disdainful thing to be afraid of.

However, the LOVE of money becomes a problem because it starts to take over our lives.

One way to check yourself on this is to ask: how am I trusting God? If you are okay with money flowing out for good purposes? Do you trust God to keep you? If you feel the need to cling to your wealth and count every penny, then you may have formed an unhealthy relationship with money.

The love of money doesn’t suddenly appear at a certain tax bracket. Someone with only $100 in savings can be more attached to the money than someone with $100,000 stored up.

Jesus told another parable that is often conveniently left out in this “money is evil” mentality. In the Parable of the Talents, what happens? A man gives to three servants three different amounts of money: five talents, two talents, and one talent. A talent is worth about twenty years’ wages in that time!

The man given the most went out and doubled that money. So did the man with the second amount of two talents (or 40 years wages). The man with only one talent buried his talent—he clung on to it so he wouldn’t lose it—and the master was angry. That parable isn’t just referring to money, but Jesus is using the picture of money, as an illustration, to help us understand his expectations with how we treat our tools and gifts in this life.

“I see money as the product of overworking.”

If your parents were workaholics and enslaved to their money, you may believe that is the only want to accumulate wealth.

Remember the rich ruler who approaches Jesus and asks him what else he should be doing after keeping the law (Luke 18:18-30)? Jesus’ response exposed his huge weakness—he was attached to his wealth and afraid of letting it go. When Jesus told him to sell all that he had and distribute his wealth to the poor, the ruler became very “for he was extremely rich.”

This isn’t a commandment to all people, but a picture of the problem. This man wasn’t willing to let it all go—flowing in or out—because he didn’t trust God. In all of his effort to follow the law, he had started to believe in his own merit and ability to take care of himself. What Jesus did was expose his weakness.

Jesus is not saying here that money is the problem, but that it is easy to form a dependence on money and believe that we need to grasp at it.

When you let go and focus on attracting wealth and empowering the flow of money in your life, then you won’t be desperately pursuing it. You should absolutely focus on balance in your life and avoid an unhealthy relationship with work. But the belief that overworking and abundance have to go hand-in-hand is a mental block that fails to realize the other areas of abundance—including building relationships and being spiritually abundant.

You cannot serve both God and money. Your affluence has to come because you are serving him and not because you are enslaved to your job and budget.

“I see money as something I desperately need.”

scarcity mindset is extremely common for people who want to experience abundance and don’t know how. This is where I was decades ago—scared of where we were and desperate to get out of the rut we were in with money. But, this mindset keeps you trapped!

When you are overly focused on the money that flows out, you start to have that negative energy that will draw negative experiences. Rather than feel gratitude and joy for what you do have, you feel fear and anxiety about what you don’t have.

When you view money as something you desperately need, God might withhold it from you because he knows how detrimental it would actually be to give it to you. If you push hard enough, he may allow you to have what you want and experience wealth, but this is often what leads to that mindset of enslavement to the dollar and overworking (the problem we talked about in the last section).

Instead, you need to let it go and trust God. When you stop the scarcity mindset and focus on the abundance mindset, you will start to see things change.

Suddenly, you will realize that money is simply a tool that flows in and out. While you do need to work and make smart spending decisions, you don’t have to be hyper-focused on accumulating money. When you stop trying to put money on the throne as master, God will show you that he takes care of you and gives you enough.

Two Steps to Building Wealth

Once you’ve examined your internal beliefs about money and addressed the block, you can look at the two steps it takes to build wealth. True affluence means you will have enough to support yourself and your family, as well as have a generous approach to those around you.

There are often two areas where people need to be successful in order to have true wealth.

Do you flow in more than you spend?

This is an easy one to see: if you are flowing in more money than you need to spend, then you can start building wealth. If you are struggling to make even enough for basic living expenses, then your first focus has to be on attracting in more money.

In most cases, people do attract certain amounts of money. Hardworking people often aren’t comfortable sitting around without work. If you are struggling to get out of bed and find a new job, then you need to consider that you may be dealing with severe depression or anxiety.

But, if you are like most Americans and just struggling with not flowing enough money in, then the flow itself isn’t necessarily the problem. You would like the flow to increase, but you are focused on the wrong thing. If you are able to stop the mindset blocks, then you start to see money as a tool and you can reverse that energy flow to bring in more than you are flowing out.

I will show you how to do this below, so keep reading!

Does your money accumulate?

Some people flow without accumulation. They bring in plenty of money, but then immediately find a way to spend it. Rather than allow money to accumulate for later needs, their money just flows right back out.

The struggle here is: there is ALWAYS something else to spend money on.

You can always buy another car, another cruise, a bigger house, a vacation home, a boat, a motorcycle, etc., etc., etc.! None of these things by themselves are bad, but the money just keeps flowing out.

You can also flow money out in an irresponsible way to charities and other people. It can even become a crutch that you use as a barrier between you and others. If you pour all your money (but not your time) into people, then this can be a problem.

Always spend your money wisely. Don’t cling to your money, but don’t let it flow out without thought and care. You need to be a good steward of what you are given.

One Easy Tip to Change Your Energy Relationship with Money

No matter what mental block you have with making money, you may also have another block when it comes to spending.

Many people don’t feel good about having money flow out. They feel fear about what could happen if the money then doesn’t flow back in. That fear leads to feeling unhappy about where they are at in life. This is why paying bills becomes stressful and making purchases often comes weighted with guilt.

Through that fear, they are attracting that negative flow of money (more money flowing out than flowing in). This is a form of that scarcity mindset.

To change this, you need to switch your focus in the moment.

Rather than feel those negative emotions of the money flowing out, change your focus to the positive energy of belief that money will flow in. Repeat the mantra:

“I am grateful. Money flows to me with grace and ease in increasing amounts.”

As you repeat this positive affirmation, you will start to add in a motion that illustrates that flow. Use the movement of the sideways figure eight to push out your positive intention and draw the energy towards you.

I want to help you form a healthy relationship with money—one is part of affluence in all areas of your life. Will you join me?

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