A Technique to Unlock Your Soul’s Money Purpose

Discover who you're meant to help with your financial affluence

Money can be a great blessing or feel like a life-long curse. It all depends on how much of it you have—and what you believe about how much you have.

When you have plenty to spare, you feel it blesses your life with more choices and a sense of security.

Think for a moment if you had plenty of money. This would put you in a position to help so many people. You would be able to exchange so much more of it and do good for others.

But for many, this feels hard to get to. Let’s first get you to a financially affluent place that feels easy and correct for you, so that you can discover your soul’s money purpose.

Money Matters—And Yes, You Need It

In order to reach a place of financial affluence, you’ll need to uncover the hidden or negative beliefs you have about money.

You may have been taught that money is not that important—that it’s only money. You may have been taught to feel unworthy of money, that you should never do anything just for the money, or that money is evil in some way.

The truth is, money is important.

We cannot take care of ourselves and our families without it. Money is a great resource that wants to bless our lives so that we are also able to bless others. Make money important in your life.

It’s Okay To Be Rich!

Repeat that again—especially if it still triggers you!

Everyone has the potential destiny of having enough money to spare to fulfill their threefold soul purpose experience that I introduce in my book, Mastering Affluence: enough money to support you in the lessons you came to learn, enough money to support you in the experience you are meant to have, and enough money to support you in the service you are here to give.

I’m a big believer that the more money you have, the bigger difference you can make on the planet. More and more, we are seeing the wealth of the private community being invested in making a difference in the world. Affluent people are the ones solving the global problems of poverty, water, hunger, lack of education—a role we used to solely depend on governments to fulfill.

What problem or issue are you meant to solve as an affluent person? It’s time to tap into your soul’s money purpose by using your intuition and find out.

Technique: How to Increase Your Money Intuition

  1. Place a drop of the I Am Rich oil on your finger. Picture your third eye situated in the center of your brows, just above your nose bridge.
  2. Now, place your middle finger on the bridge of your nose and push up a couple of inches, breathing deeply, imagining you are opening the eyelid. Repeat the process 4 times.
  3. Gently tap on this same point above the bridge of your nose while repeating, “I am knowing what is best for me, I honor that knowing, and I act on that knowing.”
  4. Another powerful affirmation to repeat is, “Money guides me to where it wants to be used.”

Using the “I Am Rich” oil along with this technique will aid you in raising your vibration around money.

One of my Healing Center members shared this: “My “I Am Rich” oil arrived today!! Is it just me or does it smell like crisp new money?!”

And another member shared this inspiring story about the oil: “I feel like it helps keep me grounded in my financial goals. The big surprise is, I’ve been putting it on my husband’s feet at night. literally a swish, down the middle of his foot. I’ve seen accelerated financial shifts for him, usually the day after I put the oils on his feet. It’s pretty remarkable!”

This oil inspires positive thinking about money and releases any anxiety and stress you carry about personal financial situations. As it activates your heart chakra, you will become open to the possibilities of all the good you can use your money for!

What are you feeling called or inspired to do with your financial affluence? I would love to read your vision, so share it in a comment below!

Bless you,

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