The Numerology & Energetic Meaning of 2023

Why it's more important than ever to ask yourself, "Is this correct for me?"

Each year carries a brand new energy with it. What does the energy of 2023 have in store for you?

You’re a spiritual and intuitive being, and because of that, you’re aware of the energy surrounding you.

It compels you to think and behave in a certain way. It does this even when forget how much it affects you. It will be present whether we align with it or not!

Let’s learn how to work with it instead of being at odds with it.

The energy of 2023 represents the 7th chakra, the energy of inner wisdom.

2023: The Year of the 3 I’s: Insight, Inspiration, Intuition

While these have always been present with us, they’re being activated even more this year. It’s more important than ever to let go and surrender so that you can receive this guidance in your life.

If you tend to be a logical thinker, you could experience challenges and struggle when you make fear-based choices from a place of logic. You’re going to experience roadblocks, stumbling, setbacks, and stifling.

You do not need to create more struggle for yourself! Look around – things are falling apart all around us already. Old beliefs, structures, and paradigms are disappearing.

This is for our benefit — if we’ll rise to the occasion and let our inner wisdom guide us.

The walls have been removed. This is perfect for us to start fresh.

How to tune in and check-in.

The more you tune in, the more you let go of what doesn’t matter in your life.

Get into the daily habit of asking yourself, “What is correct for me? What is correct for my family?”

No more shoulds, no more doing things out of habit or obligation, or because that’s how it’s always been.

You have opinions and commentary about so many things, but the more you connect to your inner knowing, you’ll find that they don’t matter.

Do this experiment: look at something from today that you had a strong opinion about. Now challenge yourself: “It doesn’t matter.”

My husband and I do this often with each other. We remind the other person, “Don’t let that matter to you.” We take a big inhale and exhale, and we let it go.

Active & Stationary Meditation

Your intuition is going to be activated through your crown chakra, which means you’ll need to honor and open your crown chakra. You can do this through active or stationary meditation.

Active Meditation

Creation Journal (watch the video at 5:29 when I talk about my process) – this is a form of active meditation for me. Sitting still is difficult for me. My mind does better when I give it a focus. When I write in my Creation Journal, I am able to let everything else go and I focus on what I want to create.

Another idea is to go on a walk where you can relax into your mind and let go of your surroundings. If you do this, go somewhere that will not require external focus or attention, meaning that a complicated hike or a busy area of town will cause more distraction.

Stationary Meditation

This is the traditional form of meditation, where you sit quietly for anywhere from a few minutes or up to an hour. The practice helps you silence the busy mind and all the thoughts.

Type 1 and Type 3 might find this stationary meditation more challenging because we are more active in our energy. Type 2 and Type 4 would find it easier to stick with since they are the lower movement Energy Types.

Use my Healing Bowl Meditations to help you tune in.

In the Carol Tuttle Healing Center, I’ve recorded many singing bowl meditations for you to use anytime. If you’re already a member, you have full access to them. If you’re not a member yet, I’m giving you two weeks for free to try it out.

Let your inner wisdom guide you this year.

When you’re up against a difficult decision or trigger, and fear is coming up, tune in.

If someone is telling you differently than what you know, take a pause and drop into yourself.

If you’re looking outward and externally for advice and help, connect back to yourself.

Let go of what doesn’t matter.

And there you’ll find your answer!

Bless you,

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