Want to Heal Your Childhood? You Need to Be Willing to Drop the Story

Focusing on your past could be what's holding you back.

Most likely you’re reading this because you had an experience in your childhood that deeply wounded you.

You’re not alone. I know the heartache that comes from traumatic experiences that happened back when you were too young to speak up or defend yourself.

Now as an adult, it’s in your full control to heal yourself. But here’s where most people get stuck: they focus on the story.

Focusing on your childhood story can keep you stuck.

Focusing on your childhood story doesn’t heal anything as there are many ways you can imprint energy on the mental, emotional, and physical levels. The trapped trauma energy you’re carrying could even be ancestral in its origin, or other existences you’ve experienced with other people.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter where the trauma comes from. What matters is that it’s presenting itself now and asking to be healed.

Consider the possibility that trying to “figure out” the story is blocking you from receiving the next big piece of inspiration your soul is trying to give you. Your soul wants to guide you in your healing process and present any info and resources you need to move forward.

Is your soul trying to speak to you?

In order to align with your soul 100%, you have to be willing to clear all emotional attachments to your story. This is what you are doing in the Healing Center. You’re healing your own inner child and the side effects you took on during that time of trauma.

Your inner child needs their story to be heard. That is why you do the journaling exercises. Be the one who hears and validates what your younger self went through. This helps you heal it and let it go. If you have resistance to journaling or are skeptical about how powerful it could be, I highly recommend the Clearing Session for Fear of Journaling.

It is possible to heal from your childhood.

The only reason I refer to my story now is for teaching purposes. I am 100% at peace with what happened in my life. In fact, I have immense gratitude for it as it all played out perfectly to help me evolve into my own truth. My inner child is at peace and free.

It’s time for you to free your own inner child. I created this powerful session for you, Clearing Session to Heal Your Inner Child. Take a few minutes to do this clearing today, and then journal about what comes up for you afterward.

I want to hear your healing experience.

Your soul is guiding you so you can birth yourself into a new reality where healing is no longer the focus, but rather creating a life you love is the new opportunity.

Bless you,

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