3-Step Process to Build Massive Wealth Using Affirmations

How to train your mind to create wealth, money, and freedom

Do you feel weighed down by money and financial issues? Do you wonder why it seems so easy for some people to manifest money? You may know people who don’t seem to worry about their money, and yet opportunities are around every corner for them!

The secret may be buried deep within their belief about money and God.

If you are deeply desiring financial freedom, then this blog is for you. You may feel like independence from money is just a dream or an elusive goal nearly impossible to achieve. Believing on a subconscious level that comfort with money isn’t for you is often the first barrier we have to breach when increasing wealth.

You may be holding yourself from achieving affluence because of your thoughts and negative energy.

The Pandemic Highlighted Money Issues

So many Americans are used to the rut of living paycheck to paycheck. The numbers were already high before COVID-19, but that pandemic sparked a panic that led to even bigger struggles with money across the boards. One big survey by Highland found:

  • 63% of Americans were living paycheck to paycheck during the pandemic.
  • 27% had accumulated at least $10,000 in new debt since the start of COVID.
  • 42% took on more debt than they normally would (excluding home purchases).
  • 47% ran out of emergency savings, and 82% couldn’t afford a surprise $500 expense.
  • 79% said the pandemic had made them feel differently about budgeting and money.
  • 48% of Gen X and 45% of Millennials were living beyond their means before COVID.

Is this you?

If you are starting to feel tension with money, then that’s good! The first step towards healing is recognizing your discomfort. If you are struggling with money and can’t seem to bring it in or keep it around effortlessly, then your thinking is very likely a barrier for you.

Facing My Own Struggles with Money

About 20 years ago, I was struggling with money in this way. My husband and I had accumulated so much debt and it just seemed like there was no way out.

When I wanted something, I felt guilty for buying it or angry for not being able to buy it. I was frustrated that the money always seemed to go back out as soon as it came in! I knew things we wanted to do were limited because of our finances, and that we would be in dire straights if an expensive emergency ever cropped up.

In 2019, more than half of Americans said they were in danger of disaster if they missed more than one paycheck. This isn’t a new problem that was caused by the pandemic. It’s a common problem that was exacerbated by the conditions and challenges of the pandemic.

In my own life, I felt this struggle take control. It was awful to feel driven by money. It was as if I became a slave to my desires and bills. It was an overwhelming cycle of demand that made me feel constantly stressed and unhappy.

That is no way to live!

When I prayed to God, asking for deep change and begging him to remove this overbearing focus from my life, the answer was clear: stop being a victim.

It was at this point I realized I had done him a great disservice. Rather than believe God, I felt trapped. I had allowed myself to get caught in my unbelief.

Do you remember the story about Peter walking on the water? In Matthew 14 he witnessed Jesus walking on the water and asked if he could do the same. “Tell me to come to you on the water,” he told Jesus. So, Jesus told him to come. It should have been smooth sailing. We think, if Jesus told you to come, why would you doubt? But, Peter’s deep beliefs about what was possible and what he was worthy of started to take over and, in his unbelief, he started to sink.

Jesus caught him and told him, “You of little faith. Why did you doubt?”

And, I felt how similar my own situation was. God has promised to take care of us like the birds in the sky and the wildflowers clothed in splendor in the field. When we doubt that will be the case and take on the stress of our situation, we are displaying our unbelief.

We are concerned God might not actually care for us, so we try to take it on ourselves. And, do you know what God often does in these situations? He lets us shoulder some of that burden until we realize that is not what we want. He is not being unkind—exactly the opposite. He is trying to show us just how difficult and impossible it is to do this without him. His burden and yoke are light because he takes on our needs when we trust him!

Often, we struggle to fully trust him because we are afraid we are too small (doesn’t he have the whole universe to care for? Surely my issues pale in comparison to many others!). But, Jesus tells us that even the common sparrow won’t fall to the ground without his notice.

Or, we might also think deep down that we could do a better job if God just let us handle it on our own. But that arrogance leads to a whole host of problems, and we become slaves to a new and terrible master: money. Jesus said we cannot serve two masters—our love (and concern for) money can replace our focus on God. We can be choked out by the concerns of daily life (Luke 8:14).

When we stop believing we are the victim, we can clear the blocks that are preventing our growth and connection to affluence.

I created a 3-step process to help me get out of this thinking rut and change my relationship with money (and God).

Now, I don’t have to worry about money at all. And, I want that same freedom for you!

The Connection Between Wealth and Mindfulness

The Law of Attraction rests on the fact that your thinking affects your reality!

The Bible speaks of this as fruit. How you think deep inside is going to determine what kind of fruit you bear. “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of” (Luke 6:45).

The Bible tells us over and over to guard our thoughts and change all problematic thinking. Why? Because God designed us to have a massive impact on this world and in the lives of those around us! Our mindfulness can make those connections thrive, or we can leave a wake of damage and harm. People are drawn to our fruit (or lack of fruit!) because like attracts like.

Before I go over the 3-step process to make this Law of Attraction work for you, it’s important to challenge yourself in these six crucial areas:

Be Positive

Pay attention to your subconscious mind. Your energy towards money and wealth needs to be positive. A negative perspective is going to hold you back and cause the victim mentality.

Rethink Money

Money should be seen in a good light—but as a tool and not a point of arrival. People who are successful are hardworking and responsible. You do not need to be cutthroat or manipulative to achieve wealth and money itself should not be demonized.

Manage Stress

Stress causes health issues and can easily be increased when you are thinking negatively about money. Avoid unnecessary worry to reduce stress and free your energy.

Assess Honestly

Take my money quiz! You should know where you are at in your personal finances. What is your net worth and how are you spending your money?

Find Gratitude

Don’t dwell on what you lack, but be thankful for what you have. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for and always someone who is in a harder position than you.

Create Goals

Don’t limit your beliefs about the possibilities. Think big and believe in your goals. Know the difference between having goals set and dwelling in discontent.

3 Steps to Create Wealth with Affirmations

Now that you understand the power of your mind, you should have an even clearer view of why seeing yourself as a victim is a devastating problem. Difficult things are going to happen in your life that you cannot control or stop, but you CAN choose how you respond to them.

My 3-step process will help you change your mentality and attract wealth. This isn’t some magical incantation or ritual. These simple steps will help you remove blocks and learn the important lessons God is working to teach you.

Step One: Reach Out to God

You have to ask a power outside of yourself to help with this change. You are not going to God like an ATM and asking for an amount of money. You are asking God to change your relationship with money.

You should reach out to God regularly and ask him to help you find peace in your money management. Ask him to convict you in any negative thinking. Ask for help and awareness in all areas that need improvement. Confess your struggles and weaknesses to him. And then thank him for the blessings that you do have in your life.

Finding gratitude and joy—even in the midst of hardship—is so important here! We sometimes get caught on one thing and can’t see anything else in our lives (especially the good). Take time to acknowledge what you do have and be grateful for a God who hears us and cares deeply about us.

You are not a victim AND you do not have to shoulder this thing on your own. When you put your faith in God, you will find this burden is lifted. But, changing that mindset does take practice and effort!

Step Two: Visualize Your Wants

Take time to examine your financial goals and what kind of person you want to be. Follow your line of thinking all the way through. If you pay off your debt, then what? Ask yourself what you want to accomplish and who you want to become.

If you are stuck in selfishness or pride, it really can block you from success. God knows that our wealth can become a huge stumbling block. We should approach wealth as a resource we can use to do good.

As you visualize your wants, write it out. Start acting like that person you want to become. Remove limiting beliefs. How will you be a blessing to others? How are you a blessing now with what you already have?

As you start to act on your visualization, things are going to fall into place. You will find yourself less prone to impulse-buy and more grateful for what you have—you are becoming someone who has much bigger goals. This change will impact your relationship with money.

Step Three: Create Affirmations

Turn all negative thoughts into positive affirmations. In my video, I go over three examples. Here is a list of my Top 10 Money Affirmations.

If you feel guilt about your last Amazon or grocery store purchase, repeat: “I am responsible with money and comfortable with my spending.” If you help someone out and start to feel worried about your budget, shift to the abundance mindset: “I am grateful that I have enough to share.” Rather than tell yourself (or your kids), “I can’t afford that.” Tell yourself: “I am choosing not to buy that for now.”

When you change your money mindset to gratitude and positive energy, you stop allowing yourself to be the victim. Rather than get caught in the rut of negative thinking, you are shifting to a position of joy in all things. In doing this, you will also find that money alone is not the only wealth to acquire!

How to Attract Wealth into Your Life

Affluence should be in every area of your life—not just money. Read my book Mastering Affluence to learn more about how this mindset change can improve all areas of your life.

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Your life doesn’t have to stay in this rut of financial stress. You can change your life NOW.

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