5 Tips to Stop Unnecessary Worrying

How to keep yourself from worrying about everything

Do you have a tendency to worry about things? Things in the past? Or your future?

If you do, that actually says something about who you are…and your natural strengths! You have a natural expression of being kind and sensitive, which is a gift to those you love.

But this same sensitivity can easily shift into unnecessary worrying and over-worrying, which is unhealthy and causes undue stress on your mind and body.

“Worry” in the dictionary is defined as to “allow one’s mind to dwell on difficulty or trouble.”

When we choose to worry and dwell on the negative, we empower the negative.

Here are 5 tips to shift your thinking and stop over-worrying:

1. Understand that your tendency to worry is connected to your gift of sensitivity.

Telling yourself to “just stop worrying” is like telling yourself not to breathe. You cannot shut off the mechanism of your sensitive nature, but you can control the tendency for your sensitivity to turn into over-worrying.

When you start to over-worry, tell yourself, “I am a very sensitive person, this is a good quality. And it is not necessary to worry so much to be true to my sensitive self.”

2. Consider the possibility that you believe worrying is a sign of caring.

Do you think that if you didn’t worry, it would indicate that you didn’t care about someone or something as much?

If you have attached the expression of worrying to represent that you care, you will have to feel worried all the time, since your nature is to care.

The truth is you were born a caring person. You do not need to worry to show someone that you care.

3. Worrying is an act of the mind. But your natural strength comes when you connect with your emotions.

When you are worrying, you are actually disconnecting yourself from your greatest power—your heart and feelings.

Worrying is an act of the mind. It actually takes you out of your feelings.

Bring yourself back to your feelings, which connects you to your heart, by asking yourself, “How do I feel about this situation?”

4. In most cases, the things you worry about take place in a time that does not exist.

Most people who have the tendency to over-worry are focused on the past or the future—both of which do not exist.

The past is complete, and the future has not manifested itself yet.

Bring your mind and body back to the present with this simple breathing exercise:

  • Stop what you are doing and put your hand on your heart
  • Soften your belly, open your heart and breath.
  • Take 5 -6 breaths
  • As you breathe, put all of your attention on your inhale and exhale.

When you put your attention on your breath, you are energetically bringing yourself back into the present.

5. Shift your language.

Instead of saying, “I am worried about you” or “I worry about ____”, change the expression to saying, “I care about you, is there anything I can do to help?” or “I am concerned about you.”

This naturally shifts your energy from a state of feeling powerless, overwhelmed, and fearful, to a state of feeling hopeful, empowered and open to something positive showing up.

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