Struggling? How Your Birth Experience Keeps You Stuck

Your birth experience plays a large role in your current life struggles

You’re already aware of how you developed patterns due to childhood experiences—but are you aware of the impact your birth experience still has on your life?

Through my work as an energy healer, I’m fascinated by the birth process and the energetic imprint it leaves on you.

When you stop to really think about and identify with your own birth process, you can imagine what it was like for you.

First, you were conceived and grew rapidly in a very small space that restricted your movement.

You then moved into another space where you were scrunched, pushed, and pulled through a tremendous amount of pain and effort.

Then from the birth canal, you came into an alien planet where the temperature dropped by 30 degrees. You were poked, prodded, slapped, and cut with no control over anything and no ability to speak. If you are now an older adult, your father was probably not present and you were taken away from your mother for several hours at least.

And that was considered a “normal” birth experience!

Add to that any experience of being premature, the wrong sex, a cesarean birth, your mother anesthetized, other drugs, induced labor, late birth, forceps, unplanned or illegitimate conception—and you have some heavy-duty energy patterns influencing the struggles in your life.

Most people are trying to cope with issues that relate directly to their birth. Just the transition from the womb to the birth canal leaves energy imprints. It leaves you feeling stuck, unable to move back or move forward, and with a fear or dread of the future.

These old energies from our birth experience still vibrate in us and set us up to create life experiences that honor these beliefs.

How can a birth clearing help you release struggles from your current life?

I’ve taken thousands of people through a birth clearing. Through this clearing, they’re able to see the connection between their current life struggles and the experience they had at their birth.

Consider the possibility that these birth experiences are still affecting you now:

  • If you were overdue, you may be struggling with time and find it difficult to be on time for things.
  • A cesarean birth may have set you up with tendencies to believe you always need help or you won’t get out; you may be angry at being interrupted, and you may feel you can’t do things for yourself.
  • If you were premature, you may find that you are always waiting for others, wanting things in a hurry, or feeling rushed or nervous.
  • A forceps delivery can leave you with a feeling of wanting to do things yourself but needing to be bailed out at the last minute. “It’s difficult to finish. People force me. Support equals manipulation.”
  • If your mom was under anesthesia, you may have issues with abandonment and people supporting you. “My mom is never there when I need her. No one is there for me. I have to do everything on my own.”

These are just a few of the challenges we take on at birth.

What connections do you see between your birth experience and your current life struggles?

A wounded and dysfunctional life may feel very normal because it is so familiar. It may be all you know.

Knowing and expressing your magnificence is natural—but it may not feel familiar.

The positive news is that we live in a time when we can easily and effortlessly clear away these old energies, beliefs, and patterns. It’s possible for you to function completely in your new energy.

I am proud to offer The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. The video sessions and healing plans I’ve created will help you heal any issues that are blocking you from a life of affluence, ease, and joy.  I invite you to start your first healing session today.

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