Could These 5 Things Be Causing Your Anxiety? (Tips to Fix Them)

Simple lifestyle changes that help you reduce stress and feel calm again.

If you or someone you love deals with anxiety, you know it can feel like a complex web of emotions.

I’ve dealt with it, too, and that’s why I know it’s possible to overcome anxiety. I personally used the following practices to reduce stress and calm my mind and body again.

But first, let’s identify what it is that’s really driving your anxiety and clear that up. It’s easier than you may think.

Here are 5 things that could be causing your anxiety and tips to help you get through:

1. You resist your anxiety.

This may surprise you since I am someone who teaches how to shift negative things to be positive. But I have also learned that sometimes it’s better to accept that it’s happening and tell myself I just need to ride it out.

TIP: Accept it. When you notice you’re starting to feel anxious, simply accept it as you take deep breaths. This acceptance actually eases a lot of the tension and allows you to relax.

2. You expect too much from yourself.

Your “doings” are not connected to your personal value.

I used to think I had to be productive 24/7. But the more I took it easy, the less anxious I felt about producing, doing, and staying busy.

TIP: Do less, and be okay with it. Maybe you need to cancel some commitments, make your meals simple, rest, and just get through the day. And that is okay.

3. You think anxiety is all in your head.

But maybe it’s the planets.

I’m not a teacher of astrology, but I’ve learned that certain planetary alignments affect our energy patterns and things may not shift until the planets shift.

For example, you might notice that days around the full moon are more emotional. Full moons provoke emotional energy to help us in our emotional health. Again, riding it out is all you can do sometimes while maintaining a perspective that everything is as it should be.

TIP: Download an app on your phone that helps you tune into the phases of the moon and watch your emotions around Full and New Moons. Then use the previous tips of accepting and taking it easy so you can process what is happening.

4. You give your anxiety too much attention.

Let me be clear: I am not saying it’s better to deny your feelings of anxiety or keep it secret. I do believe there can be profound benefits of talking about it with close friends or a therapist.

TIP: Begin to observe yourself when you speak, think, or write about it. How do you feel afterward?

5. You forget to give yourself comfort.

You need nurturing during this time. Take a moment to wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug and cuddle, just like you would with someone else.

TIP: I personally love and use essential oils to support my own healing, and I highly recommend the I Am Calm healing oil. It was formulated to relax your nervous system while soothing your anxious thoughts. You’ll notice your stress dissolving with each inhale as you feel calm once again.

Check in with yourself: Where are you at right now?

If things have been difficult for you lately, don’t settle for less or give up on your hopes and dreams for a better future. (Good for you to want something better for yourself!)

I invite you to join me on July 15th in the Carol Tuttle Healing Center as we go through the Healing Plan for Stress, Fear, and Anxiety. I will personally be guiding the Healing Center members through this 2-week plan and would love to support your own inner healing.

We start July 15th. Join the Healing Center today.

What helps you get through those days when you feel less than your best? Share your tips in the comments below.

Bless you,

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