Feeling Overwhelmed? How to Feel Better Instantly

How to stop overwhelm in its tracks with this quick technique

The next time you feel overwhelmed, try this simple exercise:

Just take a big sigh and let it go.

This sounds too easy, but I want you to try it.

I don’t mean just one breath in and out. Let me tell you what I mean by a big sigh. And then let’s practice together so you can stop feeling overwhelmed—right now!

Take a deep breath in, pull your shoulders up towards your ears, and tighten up your body…

Now breathe it all out, drop your shoulders, loosen all your muscles, and shake out like a dog…

And let that energy go. Feel all that uptight energy physically leaving your body.

Now that you have let it go from your body, really let it go….

Turn it over to your angels, to God, and all the spiritual powers that BE to take care of it for you.

The next time you start feeling negative or overwhelmed, pay attention to the negative emotion.

Stop and ask yourself and God: What am I currently thinking, believing, or choosing that is causing me to feel overwhelmed?

Stay quiet and you will receive the answer. Listen to your inner guidance system.

Ask God to bless you with an understanding and perception of your experience that will invite and awaken peaceful, soothing feelings inside of you instead.

Ask to have negative feelings cleared from the deepest parts of your cells. And then be willing to let them go!

Now, remember: take a big sigh… and let it go.

You will be amazed at how much better everything works out for you.

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