Feeling the Pinch of an Inflated Economy?

Learn how to let your money work harder for you.

We’ve all been feeling the stress of an inflated economy. 

From skyrocketing gas prices to higher grocery bills, it’s easy to feel powerless against the forces driving our expenses. But amidst the frustration, there’s a glimmer of hope—we have the power to shift our energy and make our money go further.

I vividly remember the moment of clarity amidst my recent financial struggles.

In a moment of frustration, in a prayer, I thought – “This isn’t fair. I have done so much over the last few decades to shift my negative beliefs about money, and yet I feel like I am back in the same old place of lack and not enough!”  

At that moment, I had a strong impression: “You may not be able to shift the economic environment that is part of your world culture and physical experience, but you can shift your energy amidst it to have your money go further!”  

“I would love to make that shift! How do I do it in this economic climate?”

“You need to imagine your money going further, stretching to cover more, expanding what you have, attracting better deals and more!”  

I took several moments right then to meditate and imagine my energy shifting to adapt to the current economic situation and that my money energy would adapt to create positive financial outcomes despite an inflated economy.  

That was over 3 months ago, and the results have been astounding!

In the past year, we have had to let go of 4 employee’s due to needing to reduce our payroll.  We are a “boot-strap” company with no investors and ad-free websites, so we depend entirely on customer sales to stay in business.  (Thank you to all our customers by the way)!  Even though we have fewer employees we have actually found resources to help us make up to difference and we are now producing as much and more in our content and product lines.  It’s been exciting and the energy has been refreshing rather than depleting.  

Personally, we had an unexpected large payout from an investment we had had for years.  

My car lease was up, and we shopped for a lower-priced car. Even though I loved my make and model and would have preferred to keep it, it was more than we wanted to pay.  Out of the blue, the dealer offered me the same make in a current model to lease for $350 less a month than our former lease!  

I want to share this transformative journey with you.

Join me for the 30-Day Money Cure Experience—an opportunity to revitalize your relationship with money and unlock its full potential in today’s economy.

Recite these affirmations daily for a week, and watch what happens:

  1. My dollars stretch further than ever.
  2. Money flows to me in surprising ways.
  3. Though everything seems to cost more, I am attracting amazing deals.
  4. Despite inflation, my money works harder for me.
  5. I get more out of my money than I ever have.

This is a great year to participate in my annual group-supported 30-day money Cure Experience. We’ve never had this exact experience with this economy and our money. Your money energy is definitely due for an update.  

Learn more about the 30-Day Money Cure!

I can help you “strrrreeeettccch” your dollars. Your money works hard for you, wants to work harder for you, and can work harder for you!

The 30-Day Money is housed in the Carol Tuttle Healing Center. If you’re already a Healing Center member, you’re in! Log in on May 20th to join the group experience!

Bless you,

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