Find Out Which of Your Chakras Are Closed (In 3 Minutes!)

An easy quiz to see which chakras are open, weak or closed

When someone first hears about the chakra energy system, they naturally want to know which of their chakras are open, weak, or closed.

There’s an easy way for you to see which of your chakras are open, weak, or closed with our chakra quiz. First, let’s talk about why knowing this is important!

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Your chakra energy affects you in every moment.

Yes, even though you’re not aware of it! Just as you are not consciously aware of all of your biological systems functioning throughout the day, the chakra system is the same way.

The chakras work independently and as a whole system.

When the chakras are healthy and doing their job, they help us receive life force energy that affects every aspect of our life. They also support our physiology in working properly.

What happens when one chakra is not open and healthy?

If one chakra is not doing its job, another chakra has to make up the difference, causing unstable life force energy, which can lead to imbalances in physical, mental, or emotional health.

Here is an example of how imbalanced chakra energy centers can manifest as real-world challenges.

Susan, an online student of mine, suffered from an extreme case of fibromyalgia for several decades.

She started to have symptoms in her early 20s. At that time in her life, she was engaged to a man she thought was the love of her life, only to find out he was unfaithful to her and involved with another woman. Honesty and commitment are important to Susan—as they should be to anyone planning to marry!

In her case, she had come from a family where her father had not been faithful to her mother. So, this energetic pattern and residual energy had been set up earlier in her life and preceded her relationship experience.

Healing your life through chakra work

In her healing process, Susan discovered her subconscious belief that, “Men are not faithful.” This deep belief and underlying energy had compromised her 2nd and 4th chakras.

The 2nd chakra, the creation chakra, supports us in having a pleasurable life—in particular, enjoying sexual pleasure. When a partner is not sexually faithful, our own 2nd chakra energy cannot fully open and blossom during a sexual experience with our partner.

The 4th chakra, the heart or green chakra, supports us in fully connecting with the energy of love with our partner. Our heart chakras actually bond, creating a strong connection that feeds each of our chakras in our partnership. When one partner is not telling the truth, our heart chakra experiences this. If our mind overrides this inner knowing to try to believe the person, the 4th chakra is blocked.

The 2nd chakra influences our lymphatic system and the 4th chakra influences our circulatory system, which are both systems of flow in our body. Our chakra energy centers are trying to communicate with us all the time, and if we ignore their energetic promptings, they grow weak, become imbalanced, and stop supporting us.

In Susan’s case, her weak and dysfunctional 2nd and 4th chakras were compensated for by her 3rd chakra, which ran more energy to counteract the blocks. The 3rd chakra is the power chakra and when we are not in a healthy relationship, our power chakra is affected.

This third chakra energy helps us use our will to make sure we have healthy boundaries and experience mutual respect in an intimate relationship. When it is forced into overactivity due to an imbalance, the energy of anger builds up. If this goes unacknowledged and we do not use our throat chakra to express anger about an injustice, the body has to account for that anger.

Chakra imbalances lead to physical health issues.

In Susan’s case, her compromised 2nd and 4th chakras and overactive 3rd chakra energy contributed to her body being compromised with the condition of fibromyalgia. When chakra energy is compromised, the body creates a sign in the form of disease and imbalance. In Susan’s life, that physical sign was fibromyalgia. As she started to work on her 2nd and 4th chakra energy centers, Susan’s health improved.

What a powerful and healing experience for Susan!

It’s time for you to find out which of your chakras are open, weak, or closed.

I created this brand new Chakra Quiz to help you find out—and you’ll get immediate answers!

Take the 3-minute Chakra Quiz right now!

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