10-Second Pivot: How to Completely Change Your Mood & Feel Happy Again

How to stay in a high vibration state so you can manifest more easily!

We all WANT to be happy, so why are there so many SAD, stressed and angry people out there?

It feels good to be happy! There are a ton of advantages to being in a good mood. Yet, we often find we just can’t quite get out of our own funk. I’m here to share with you a secret that will have you smiling for years to come: you can change your mood in just 10 seconds with this technique.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it really is that easy!

Your low moods will prevent you from being a powerful creator. I want to help you rise above, taking control over your life and your mood to achieve real happiness and joy.

Keep reading if you want to learn how to flip your mood and take control of your perspective.

How to Change Your Mood in 10 Seconds

Don’t let your mood hold you back in life. Learn how to shift your mood and you will start to change your life through the Law of Attraction. It only takes 10 seconds to follow these four steps.

Acknowledge Your Mood

First, you need to notice that your mood has shifted out of happiness. You need to recognize when your vibration is lower and you aren’t feeling upbeat about your circumstances. If you continue to push those feelings down and try to move on, you will only increase the low vibrations you are putting out.

The longer you put out those low vibrations, the more low vibrations you will attract into your life—like attracts like. You are creating your own reality and focusing on low vibrations (even subconsciously) creates low energy in your life. We need to get your vibrations lifted toward the higher vibrations of joy!

Choose Happiness Over Being Right

Happy vibrations are going to attract more of what makes you feel happy. Not only will good things flow into your life, but you will naturally have a much more positive perspective on the majority of your interactions.

This is an especially important step if you are in an argument with someone you care about. You need to put your happiness above your desire to be right. Let go of the things that don’t serve you (and, pro tip: if you are feeling low or angry, then it’s not serving you!). This could include work disagreements, budget disputes, road rage and so many of the other frustrating experiences that threaten to drag us down in our vibrations.

Catch Your Perspective, Then SHIFT

Your limiting beliefs and perception will impact every situation you face. One quick and simple way to change your mood includes changing your expectations of the situation. Stop and tell yourself you need to let it go. Rather than believe people want to hurt you or cause you pain, just let it go.

This doesn’t mean you will continue to exist in toxic relationships. In fact, when you pursue a positive energy vibration and refuse to hold on to your limiting beliefs, you will find you drive away those toxic relationships. When you see them for what they are (negative and dragging down your energy), you have no desire to participate. Rather than get dragged down into their mire, you rise above and move on with your life. If they can’t rise to meet your higher energy vibration, they will simply pass below and move on to the like energy they are attracting.

Practice Visualization

It can be difficult to break out of your low mood cycle. To pull yourself out, you should take just a few seconds to practice visualization.

Imagine yourself walking a new path. Pull yourself from the old path and walk down a different road. Let your burdens of negativity, anger, frustration, hurt or sadness all fall away.

If that instant visualization doesn’t pull you out of it immediately, work through this more in-depth visualization:

  • Imagine yourself as a spinning top with all the negative energy coming off you going to a drain beneath you
  • Imagine you stop spinning. Now pivot yourself towards the happiness path.
  • Tap on your K27 points. This is where all your meridian points cross. Tapping here helps anchor your body and pulls your mindset out of the habitual rut of the negative thoughts.
  • Deeply inhale and exhale to return your mind to the present and draw in new energy.
  • Declare a confirmation: “I am choosing happiness and happiness is choosing me. As I choose the vibration of happiness, I can only attract more of that which supports me in being happy.”
  • Inhale and exhale, allowing the reset to sink in and take hold.

This is so powerful. You can do it 20 times a day if that’s what it takes! As you choose happiness over and over, you will start to do this on a subconscious level. And, that’s what we are after—resetting our learned behavior to follow a different path that seeks joy, balance and positivity.

How to Stay in a Good Mood

Once you’ve successfully moved into a good mood, you are going to want to stay there! A positive mood means you have so much more energy for the things and people you love. You will feel more creative, passionate, generous and motivated when you are in a good mood. Here are some tips for maintaining your positive mood.

Inhale Good Smells

The sense of smell is a powerful one and connects us to good memories. Maybe you love the smell of fresh bread, cinnamon, vanilla, certain perfumes, clean laundry or the outdoors. Note the smells you love and take them in when you are in a good mood to help sustain your joy.

Do Good Deeds

Doing things for others makes us feel both productive and generous. Doing good things for others because you want to makes us feel closer to them and a valuable part of our community.

Stay Centered and Present

The visualization above is an example of how to remain present. Turn off your phone, social media and the TV if you find yourself struggling to be in the moment. It’s easy to get pulled into a virtual world and stressed about future possibilities. Talk a walk outside or do a deep breathing exercise to bring yourself back to this moment and only this moment.

Practice Gratitude

The best time to practice gratitude is when you are already feeling up. Write down the things that make you happy and the things you are grateful for. If you start to slip into a low mood, you can pull out your list.

Turn on Happy Music

Have a list for when you are feeling good about yourself and life in general. Having certain songs tied to your emotion of joy will help you keep reliving those moments down the road when one of the songs comes on again.

Cuddle with Something (or Someone)

Human touch is a mood lifter—even if it is just a brief hug from a friend. You can even squeeze a pillow for some comfort. If you have a pet, petting or cuddling with them can also lift your mood.

Eat Food that Makes You Feel Good

No, I’m not talking about comfort foods, cheat foods or “reward” foods. Change your thinking here. Eat nutritious foods when you are in a good mood to sustain that good mood and reward your body. Start associating your positive mindset with healthy snack foods, like carrots, celery, berries, apples, peaches, watermelon, tree nuts and seeds.

Clear Your Old Hurts

To remain in your positive mood, learn the triggers and thinking that hold you back. My new clearing is one of the longest I’ve ever written, but it’s an extremely valuable resource: Clearing for Blocking Happiness. It’s perfect for helping you find joy and remove the blocks that are holding you back.

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