How To Use Essential Oils For The Mind & Body

Start your healing journey by releasing the negative energy

Using essentials oils as a natural remedy to help heal the mind and body is sweeping the world. I can remember when I started using essential oils in 1994, but you’ve heard of this as a resource. It was very rare, and it was something sort of in the world of natural and alternative healing. You had to kind of be in that world, but now it’s become mainstream.

Why? What’s the big deal about essential oils? Is it just a fad? Do they really work? Well, when I started using them in 1994, it was to help heal what was hijacking my life. A lot of that was untreated depression at the time. A lot of it was PTSD. There was a lot of stuff that had never been resolved from my childhood. And I employed the use of essential oils to activate my own healing systems.

I just recently released a line of 10 healing oils. They’re all blends, meaning they’re not single-oil offerings. They’re blended with several oils in them to produce a healing response in your system. They were carefully selected by me and a certified aromatherapist that I work closely with to be customized to give you a certain natural healing response to support your natural healing ability. And I’m a real believer in that.

You are a walking, healing machine. Your system is intelligent. Unfortunately, we make a lot of choices day to day that shut that system down, cause interference and disruption of it, and cause degeneration of our health. We can change those practices. We’re learning a lot about that in today’s time. And we’re coming back to our roots; the roots of what helps us create wellness. And one of those roots is the understanding of plant-based products and extracting oils from them to support our body’s ability to heal.

And so, for me, that became a practice many, many years ago that I still engage myself in. When you order the oils from, you receive a beautiful booklet. It lists every oil, it has usage guidelines, and I think this explains it really clearly in a synopsis of what oils do for us.

How Essential Oils Work

Essential oils assist your body’s healing process to create smoother, easier, and long-lasting results. Oils are extracted from plant material generally through steamed distillation or expression. The therapeutic properties of essential oil most commonly enter our bodies through our nose, smelling and inhaling, and skin, topical contact. When you smell an essential oil, it has a direct effect on your nervous system, your limbic system, and your cerebral cortex. This aids you in reprogramming your thought and emotion so that you can create healthy patterns in restoring the mind-body connection. You’re actually stimulating something that already exists. You’re not putting it in. It’s creating a response that that healing system that you are walking around with gets activated. It starts to work for you.

I’m going to show you one today. It’s called I Am Healthy. And, we’re going to do a little practice with it. The I Am Healthy oil helps revitalize physical healing systems. It has 100% pure, premium-grade organic or well-crafted essential oil of lemon, peppermint, spearmint, blood orange, sweet marjoram, rosemary, rose geranium, coriander, dill blend, fennel, pink grapefruit and juniper berry. Those are all very specifically selected to activate your body’s healing mechanisms.

I want to show you a picture before we do this little exercise. I’m Carol Tuttle. I am the creator of the comprehensive online healing center called where there’s over 120 healing plants and healing resources available to support you and healing very specific issues that employ natural healing methods. Now, this is a picture of me 11 years ago (4:39 of the video). It would have been around 2008 when I 50 years old. Now some people look at that and say, “Well, your hair’s better.” Yeah, I have a little bit different hairstyle. It’s not radically different, but people will often say when they look at that photo, somehow my skin’s healthier. If you look very closely, my skin doesn’t look that much different. It’s actually now I have a little more volume in my skin as I’ve done things to restore my skin’s capacity to keep its elasticity and its volume and all-natural in the things that I’ve used.

One of the things though that this picture is indicative of is I’m healed. Look at my eyes and look at my smile. It looks stressed. I’m carrying a heaviness about me. I’m carrying a stress around with me. And now I’m free of that because of the healing work I’ve done. I was involved in healing my life 11 years ago. It’s just the progress we’ve been able to make the last 10 years surmounts any progress we’ve ever had the chance to make in healing our lives than any other time on the planet. We’re more free to engage those healing systems and receive the benefits of them when we are proactive in that effort. And so using essential oils is being proactive. You’re saying to your mind and body, “Let’s heal. I’ve got you. I’m there for you. Let’s heal and restore our well-being.” You are very capable of that.

How To Use Essential Oils

So, little practice. It’s very simple to do. You just pretend you’re putting this oil on with me. You’ll get the energetic benefit at least. We’ll do a little practice called temporal tapping. So, I’m going to actually topically use the oil just two drops on each temple and I’m going to swipe them up and around each ear. That is your triple warmer meridian. It helps release fight and flight energy, this meridian line. Go ahead and inhale that.

All right, now we’re going to tap up and over the left ear. Tap up and over the left ear. Repeat this after me. We’re going to be saying, “I am no longer…” And they’re actually declarations of current states of existence that you may be experiencing that you’re choosing to go along or recreate. So, we’re giving the benefit of the left brain kind of acknowledge what is. We’re acknowledging what is in your life right now. So, the first statement, “Tap up and over.” Can you see I’m just following the meridian line? Gentle tapping. “I am no longer feeling worn out. I am no longer getting so sick. I am no longer accepting compromised health. I am no longer feeling like I’m just getting old and falling apart.” Oh, see, I can breathe that oil and activate your chakras. You pretend you’re breathing that in with me. That blood orange, you can really smell that.

All right, now we’re going to say “I am” statements. It’s what I’m choosing to create, and I’m going to tap up and over this right ear which is the other meridian line. The right brain is the wisdom side of the brain. This is the all-knowing, all-aware, where truth is present at all times, and we’re engaging that truth. And the deal is, when you say these statements and make that declaration, you’re seating an energy that will support you in making the changes that will support continued healing, that you’ll see changes in the way you think, the way you feel, and your behavior because you’re setting this into motion. So, up and over this side. “I am energized. I am healthy. I’m accepting my full and complete health. I am vital and vigorous no matter my change. I am activating my body and mind’s healing systems,” and just get that energy moving around you in your energy field. It’s called your aura. Get it going. You feel better.

Hey, if you’re a proponent of all this and you want to support this, share this with somebody. Let them know how it’s helping you. Let somebody know about this video. Put it on your Facebook page. Share it with a friend in an email. Thanks for liking the video, subscribing to my channel.

I’m Carol Tuttle. I am the creator of the most comprehensive healing support system online. called the Carol Tuttle Healing Center. You can check out my line of essential oils. They are incredibly… we have put a lot of mind and intention into these mindful awareness and intention that they will support you in your healing. It’s my wish for you and my desire for you that you will get so healthy you’re going to be saying, “Wow, I remember when I used to feel so sick and tired. Look at me now.” You can reverse the aging effect. Use the tools that are showing up for you, make the investment, and make that declaration that you’re on your way now.

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