How to Use the Most Powerful Creation Tool I Teach to Manifest Your 2021

1, 2, 3 magic! Get ready to manifest what you really want

2021 is here. And after the year we just had had, I know some of you may be holding your breath, hesitant to set any big goals or make big plans. If you feel this way, maybe it’s because you started off 2020 very strong—but then it didn’t go the way you intended. It could feel like setting intentions or goal-planning isn’t worth the effort right now.

I get it. We don’t know the future, and there was a lot that happened in the past that was out of our control.

But I want to ease your uncertainty and help you start 2021 in the most amazing way.

I’m going to teach you the most powerful creation tool I use every day so you can manifest what you really want this year.

What is Energy Sketching?

A few years ago, I came up with a practice that I call “Energy Sketching.” I have two free YouTube videos that teach this technique:

The essence of this simple yet very powerful tool is to sketch out what you want to create. It’s okay if you can only draw stick figures and don’t consider yourself to be a very good artist! Anyone can do this exercise. There are no rules or requirements. You can be as simple or colorful as you want. You can use pens, pencils, paints, markers, or crayons.

I have used this technique for the last couple of years with amazing results. Just put into a drawing what you want to manifest.

How Does Energy Sketching Work?

The reason Energy Sketching works so well is when you draw your desires, you actually take more time to think about them and you are creating a visual physical reference to what you want. The sketches you draw evoke an energy that is transmitted and in their transmission, an energy is put into motion to help manifest what you drew. I will leave my Energy Sketching book open on that page for a few days to let the energy express itself.

Many of The Carol Tuttle Healing Center members use this tool and manifested what they wanted.

Energy Sketch for Manifesting

JoAnn shares: “This energy sketch hangs next to our master bathroom sink. I looked over yesterday and realized, our sticking point has exceeded my sketch. It feels like a monumentous personal/business victory! Engaging in healing work brings results. It’s worth the investment in ourselves. Have a great day, money magnets!”

JoAnn’s sketch is dynamic and shows a huge waterfall of money. You can see how she took the time to make it detailed, with dollar signs on every single bill. Imagine what her vibration and thought process was as she created her sketch! But it’s important to remember that yours doesn’t have to look like this one. In fact, most energy sketches I’ve seen (including the ones I personally draw myself) are with simple pen and paper! Much like Mary’s below.

Energy Sketch for Manifestation

Mary shares: “Energy Sketch success story: on Sept. 1, I did an energy sketch for my parents to release them from a family that had basically moved in with them for a while because the family had to move out of their current residency 1-2 months ago. I talked to my mom today and found out that the family found a place to live on Sep 7! Less than a week after doing the energy sketch!

Mary’s story is not unusual. Energy Sketching simply works, because just like Mary saw, it helps you solidify your intentions. Here’s why:

  • Being able to write, draw, and sketch just takes more time
  • You put your attention on what you want for a longer period
  • You build the signal you’re putting out into the world and strengthen it
  • You employ mental, emotional, and physical energies – all that make you more potent it makes the signal more potent
  • Thinking it, seeing it, touching it brings it clearer into your reality

What are you going to manifest in 2021?

I encourage you to leave a comment below sharing what you’d like to manifest in 2021. Then, come back and leave a comment when it shows up in your life! I can’t wait to read your stories and experiences come in throughout the year. I’m convinced you have what it takes to create an incredible year.

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