How Emotional Pain Affects Your Body in a Physical Way

What is your body trying to tell you it needs to heal?

When your body is dealing with pain or illness, it’s common to look at symptoms solely as physical imbalances.

But what if your body is using those imbalances to tell you about something deeper? And what if looking into those deeper issues is what will truly heal your body?

How to Look Deeper than the Physical Pain

I had severe back, leg, and foot issues that created a state of chronic pain for years. My father suffered from the same condition.

In my commitment to clearing that old story, I was able to heal the beliefs and emotional patterns that my body carried from my ancestors.

Physical healing was new territory for me. I exhausted numerous resources the first year and got very little lasting results. It was at that time of frustration that I had a massive wake-up call that changed my perspective on physical healing.

Your Body Is the Doctor

One day, I received this message clear as day:

“You are looking in the wrong place for help. There is not a resource outside of you that will fix your body. The resource IS your body. YOUR BODY IS THE DOCTOR. Any resource outside of you is only there to help support what your body already is designed to do—heal.”

I made “My body is the doctor” my new mantra. Once I made this shift and really began to believe it and practice it, magic happened.

As a result of following my body’s guidance, I was successful in healing a condition my 90-year-old father died with. I feel confident that you will find the answers and get the results you are seeking as you learn to trust your body as your doctor.

How to Hear What Your Body Tells You

Every time you reenact the habit of looking for or depending on the next external resource to heal you, stop. Turn your attention to your body and say, “You are the doctor, guide me to what you need to heal.”

You may not initially be able to hear and interpret your body’s guidance, but give it time and I promise you, you will.

This can work with all kinds of physical issues.

If you have frequent headaches, it could be a sign of repressed emotions manifesting as pressure in your head.

If you have cold sores, it could be a damaging belief trying to leave your body.

And these are just a small example!

In The Carol Tuttle Energy Healing Center, I teach you how to listen to your body and clear the stuck energy that is keeping you physically unwell.

Rebecca’s Story of Releasing Anger

One of my Healing Center clients shared this incredible story:

“I have shared about my experience with anger. I was a very kind person to others but very angry on the inside. Knowing that anger corresponds to the liver and gallbladder in the body, I had been working on supporting those organs for decades with clean eating and a clean lifestyle as well as liver cleanses on occasion. I say all this to get to this point…

“Last month I joined the Healing Center because I believe in the benefit of working/investing in self-care. I did many exercises. One day I did the Clearing Walk for the first time, for about 30 minutes, focusing on my anger. That night I woke up with great pain in my side, like I might vomit. I massaged my side and put some peppermint oil on my tongue and felt better enough to go back to bed.

“When I woke up, something amazing happened! I passed in my stool close to 70 liver/gallstones! I had released stones before so I knew what they looked like. The only thing I did differently was the Clearing Walk! I literally cleared years of stored physical energy of anger and resentment from my body! I was shocked!

“The day after, you could see the whites of my eyes were clearer. In this past month, I have been much calmer and feeling lighter inside with emotional openness and ease. I am so grateful to release the years of stored pain!”

It’s Time For You to Heal

You’re invited to join me for my group supported Healing Plan for Disease and Illness from September 16 – October 4.

I offer a 14-day free trial, so you can try the first 2 weeks for free!

Together, we’ll clean up the potent energies that keep you in pain.

Going beneath the surface of your pain is a profound experience. I’ve done it myself and I’ll show you how.

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Bless you,

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