How to Manifest with Less Effort & Get More Results

5 simple steps to manifest what you want in life

Manifesting what you want doesn’t need to take a lot of effort.

In fact, to really manifest your desires, the less effort, the better.

When you become aware of the powerful role you play as a creator in your own life, you can then work with the universal laws of creation to manifest the life and experiences you want to have.

Learn how to create the life you desire by practicing these 5 simple steps.

Here are 5 simple steps to manifesting what you want with less effort:

Step 1: KNOW what you want & DECLARE your desire.

Do you really know what it is you want? (Health? Joy? Friendship? More money? New career? Great relationship?)

Get clear about your desire and even write it down paper.

Get as specific as possible. If you only have a vague concept of what you want, it’s hard to manifest something specific. Undefined desires don’t go very far.

Step 2: ASK for what you want.

Ask God.

Ask the Universe.

Ask the heavenly spiritual powers greater than you to assist you in creating it.

Step 3: BELIEVE you can have it.

Have faith, free from any doubt, that what you desire and have asked for is good.

Trust that what you have asked for is going to be manifest to you when it is timely and appropriate.

Step 4: LET GO and allow.

This is the part where you get out of your own way.

Let go of “doing” to make it happen and allow the Spirit to be in charge of bringing your desire to you.

Trust that you will be guided when and if to take any inspired action to follow through.

Step 5: Express GRATITUDE.

This step immediately follows Step 4—yes, even before your desire is manifested to you in the physical realm.

That’s because gratitude is both the completion and the beginning of the creation process. Gratitude energy initiates more things manifesting in your life for which you feel gratitude.

And because you have the faith that your desire will be fulfilled in some way, you can express gratitude, knowing that your desire is already created spiritually and that you’re grateful for it showing up.

Want to become a master at manifesting?

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Remember that mastering something often takes practice. As you begin to step more fully into your role as a creator, practice these steps with humility and joy and enjoy what you learn about yourself in each of the steps.

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