1 Simple Tip to Avoid Holiday Overeating & Weight Gain

How to enjoy holiday parties & not gain weight

‘Tis the season when you have many opportunities to indulge in yummy dishes, comfort foods, and delicious new recipes.

But you also know that with this holiday season comes a downside: more opportunities where that same indulging can turn into “overindulging” before you know it.

You’ve told yourself you won’t overeat. You won’t have that extra cookie or slice of pie. You believe you have the willpower to make it through the holidays without gaining an ounce.

After all, it’s easy to say “no” to holiday overeating when you’re not at a party. But when you’re face-to-face with a plate of homemade holiday treats, how can you make healthier choices?

Let’s look at how you can enjoy food AND allow your body to maintain a healthy weight—even during the holidays!

Eating engages your mind, your body, and your emotions.

But so many of our food choices are driven primarily by our feelings and our emotions. When you feel stress or anxiety, this can cause you to overindulge on food.

And even though the holidays are wonderful, it’s common to feel extra stress or anxiety at this time of year!

This means that since you’re more prone to stress or anxiety, you probably have an anxious relationship with overeating unhealthy foods.  Even subconsciously, this anxiety can affect your food choices when you’re at a holiday gathering.

If you feel nervous, you could mistake that for hunger, and that could cause you to reach for the cheese platter, yet again.

Take a closer look at what’s creating your appetite—your emotions or your body?

Your appetite is the message center for hunger and eating.

You want your appetite to be connected to your body so that your body signals to you when it needs food and what kinds of food it would like.

But when emotions get in the way, we end up making unhealthy choices, again and again.

What if your body got to have a say in the matter? What if your body got to decide how much it enjoyed?

Here’s a tip re-align your appetite to prevent holiday overeating and weight gain.

Do this energy technique to help reset your appetite so it’s aligned with your body:

  1. Put one of your middle fingers on the pressure point on your chin. (This represents your mouth.)
  2. Put another middle finger on your stomach/abdomen area.
  3. Take several deep breaths and visualize the energies of both of these areas being realigned and reconnected.

When you invite your body to shift the energy around your appetite, you release your emotions from having the final say.

Feel how your vibration changes after this alignment; your outward experience will now reflect the inner shift that just occurred.

I invite you to try this tip out, and then come back here and let me know how it works for you! 

I’m curious to know what changes YOU experience in your eating habits.

Let go of the old holiday weight gain belief and let’s join together in creating a better uncommon belief this season.

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