Do You Constantly Say “I Am Sorry”? What to Say Instead

5 reasons why you may be struggling with mistaken humility.

Do you suffer from mistaken humility? It’s why you continually say you’re sorry, even when you aren’t at fault.

What is mistaken humility?

Mistaken humility refers to a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of true humility. Humility is a virtue characterized by modesty, an absence of arrogance, and a respectful attitude toward others. However, mistaken humility occurs when individuals distort or misrepresent genuine humility, often because of low self-esteem or victim thinking, as a means to seek attention, or gain sympathy. It becomes a psychological-reversal in your spiritual framework. If you suffer under this misguided understanding of humility you will find yourself saying “I’m sorry” far more than accountability requires.

(2:25) Before we go any further, get out a pen and paper and complete 5x the sentence, “I say I’m sorry because…”

What showed up for you? Share one of your answers in a comment below.

(2:58) Did any of these examples come up for you?

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There are 5 reasons you’re struggling with mistaken humility, stuck in the pattern of saying “I’m sorry”.

(3:36) #1 You’re worried about potential contention and conflict.

(4:02) #2 There IS an upset and you are willing to take on the energy of discomfort for others.

(4:28) #3 You have an issue with low self-esteem.

(4:48) #4 It’s become a reflexive bad habit.

(5:15) #5 You think it’s the humble thing to do.

True humility is less about being sorry, and more about being grateful. It’s understanding that there is a power greater than yourself blessing you. Being in that gratitude inspires you to live in authenticity and to be in service to humanity.

How to live with true humility, and what to can you say instead of “I’m sorry”.

(6:34) Notice when you say “I’m sorry”. Ask in prayer to be made aware of it.

(7:15) Say this… This will help you and the other person forward in an accountable and positive way.

What did you learn from this? Do you have the “I’m sorry” habit?

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